Philips TV Launches High-Functioning OLED+935

The Philips TV and Bowers & Wilkins partnership enjoys another outing here with the introduction of the Philips OLED+935, an Ambilight TV that has been born to push the boundaries for what is possible for both picture and sound quality in the premium TV space.

The maker points out that the OLED+935 has already got off to a strong start winning the 2020 EISA award for the Best Home Theatre TV.

A new and exciting addition to all 2020 Philips OLED TVs is the inclusion of an in-house developed Artificial Intelligence functionality (AI). The OLED+935 now adds a second dedicated AI chip to the 4th Gen P5 processor to offer a new enhanced version of the AI system, using its extra processing power to add new functionality.

AI functionality uses neural networks and machine learning to analyse millions of PQ test clips from a unique database created by the Philips TV development team over the past 30 years.

The AI software does not simply produce more output from each of the five picture-quality pillars (source, colour, contrast, motion and sharpness) but is designed to create a better balance between them and a more realistic, natural image that no longer feels like ‘normal’ TV.

The enhanced AI system has added a new dedicated AI Machine Learn Sharpness function, an improved AI Smart Bit Enhancement system and an improved version of the Perfect Natural Reality (PNR) function.

The new Intelligent Dual Engine version of the processing suit also has the additional power to offer an anti-burn-in solution that uses an advanced logo detection function to monitor a grid of 32,400 zones, to accurately detect static content and gradually reduce the intensity of its local light output and avoid burn‐in – without compromising the output of other parts of the screen. Philips says the new system removes the anti-burn problem for 95% of static images, including logos and gaming content.

The maker also underlines that the OLED+935 continues to be one of few sets to offer support for all of the major HDR formats with the new P5 AI+ processor offering better overall HDR performance – including for HLG and both HDR10 & HDR10+ sources – while also improving Dolby Vision encoded dynamic HDR content using the special ‘Dolby Bright mode’.

Philips TV is also the first premium TV brand to include the DTS Play-Fi feature with its wireless multi-room audio capability within the set.

Philips OLED 935

Sound reaches new levels

The Philips OLED+ 935 is the first Philips TV to feature both dedicated Dolby Atmos Elevation drive units and Bowers & Wilkins’ unique, central Tweeter-on-Top assembly all mounted in a separate speaker enclosure that combines with a minimalist metal angled arm to act as the set’s table-top stand. There is also a longer wall-mount option included with the set.

As with the company’s high-end speakers, the Tweeter-on-Top mounting decouples the tweeter from the larger drivers and ensures that high frequency performance is delivered without the blurring associated with cabinet diffraction – caused when tweeters are mounted inside larger cabinets.

The enclosure’s rigid speaker housing is constructed from thick-wall-section glass-fibre-reinforced ABS, critically braced with internal rib sections to control any unwanted resonance. The enclosure is now mounted to the panel using a new, stiffer metal mounting plate to further enhance its performance.

The OLED+935 features a total of ten drivers in a 3.1.2 specification, including three 19mm titanium-dome tweeters in a forward-firing left, centre, right (LCR) configuration. All three tweeter assemblies are decoupled from the speaker enclosure for strong performance, with the Tweeter-on-Top mounted in its own rigid, chrome metal enclosure and supporting its partnering mid-range driver unit to create a dedicated centre-channel array.

Tweeter grilles follow the acoustically open design first developed by Bowers & Wilkins for its 800 Series Diamond range.

Philips OLED 935

The tweeters are joined by four 50mm midrange drive units: two mounted centrally and one at each end of the speaker enclosure. The OLED+935 also has twin 50mm upward-firing Dolby Atmos Elevation units mounted on the top of the enclosure to give extra scale, height perception and immersion to the audio reproduction of films, games and sports broadcasts.

Bass is provided by a new racetrack-style 100mm x 65mm subwoofer unit, ported to the rear of the speaker enclosure using Flowport technology, as developed by Bowers & Wilkins for its core loudspeakers. There is also a subwoofer out for even more bass extension should the customer or the room require it.

The OLED+935 will automatically recognise and decode Dolby Atmos content to ensure the very best results. Alternatively, by engaging Movie mode, the TV will use ‘up-mixing’ with non-Dolby Atmos content to bring outstanding, three-dimensional immersion to older types of content from its Elevation drive units. Definitely enough here for there to be no need to consider extra help with the TVs audio.

Philips OLED 935

Design led

The set features an ultra-slim chassis, edgeless bezels and a high-quality metal finish. Specially selected, acoustically transparent Kvadrat cloth is featured on the grille across the front of the speaker enclosure while a new metal micromesh fascia is used for the first time on the upper surface of the enclosure, to further optimise the TV’s Dolby Atmos performance.

A new, premium remote control with elegant, flush, backlit keys in a metal finish has also been included, with the sides and rear of the RC wrapped in responsibly sourced leather from Scottish specialists Muirhead.

Four-sided Ambilight technology combines with the on-screen images and ultra-slim bezel to create the unique, immersive viewing experience the maker is known for. Philips TV has also added to a new ‘wellness’ feature to the Ambilight system with the Sunrise function now joined by a new Ambilight Sleep mode. EI is big fan of Ambilight, and on a high-functioning set like this, it really comes into its own.

The OLED+935 is also ‘smart’, featuring Android TV version 9 (Pie) and an extended roster of Apps, running smoothly thanks to an internal memory of 3GB. Ease-of-use is guaranteed says the maker  via a new more intuitive UI and by the inclusion of both Google Assistant built-in and Works With Alexa capabilities.

Philips OLED 935

Product Summary

  • New Philips OLED+935 launched as 55in & 65in models in September 2020 and as a 48in version launched in October.
  • EISA Home Theatre TV 2020 Award winner.
  • New 4th Gen P5 with AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine adds a dedicated AI chip to introduce enhanced AI PQ performance – producing the most natural, realistic and lifelike images of any TV.
  • Unique anti-burn-in technology protects the screens of flagship OLED sets
  • Audiophile quality, multi-speaker 3.1.2 Bowers & Wilkins sound system combines Dolby Atmos Elevation speakers with unique Tweeter-on-Top technology.
  • Four-sided Ambilight – creates unique immersive viewing experience.
  • Best of European design featuring Kvadrat cloth, leather, steel and
    chrome metal.
  • Premium quality, intuitive remote control with leather finish
  • Filmmaker mode included
  • New Pure Cinema and Movie motion modes
  • Android Pie/9 Smart TV functionality with updated UI and smooth operation thanks to 3GB of RAM onboard.
  • DTS Play-Fi with multi-room audio capability.
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