Philips is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to TVs. While others strive for better picture quality or better sound quality, Philips has been striving for better immersion with technologies such as ambilight and ambilux. Now Philips has revealed yet another TV that’s a little different to the TVs currently on the market; that’s because it’s a three-in-one TV, monitor and Bluetooth speaker.

Dubbed the Philips 5321 TP-Vision’s new all-in-one concept combines a 24in TV, monitor and dedicated speaker into a single design. The company believes that its latest TV could be used in a wide of rooms and, thanks to a compact design, it believes users will want to move it from room-to-room.

While it’s not exactly a flagship TV for Philips, the 5321 integrates an independent Bluetooth speaker with a Full HD TV.

As the speaker is completely independent of the TV, users will be able to connect to it using a smartphone, tablet or computer and stream content at the touch of their finger. It’s not just audio that can be cast to the 5321 concept either, as users can also send TV shows and movies.

The Bluetooth speaker itself is a 2.1 system (twin mid/high drivers and a dedicated subwoofer) and has a 16W output – approximately twice that is usually found on a small screen TV.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity the set features two HDMI inputs to connect a DVD or Blu-ray player. Or users can connect a USB memory stick, digital camera, mp3 player or other multimedia device to the USB port on the 5231 to enjoy photos, videos and music with the on-screen content browser.

Together with the Philips Easylink system, users need only one remote control to perform most operations on the TV, DVD, Blu-ray set top box or home theatre system.

The Philips 24PFS5231 will be available in October from Argos and Costco stores nationwide and with a RRP of £199 (inc VAT).

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