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Dirac: Essential Install Pioneer

Dirac: Essential Install Pioneer

EI spoke with Dr. Mathias Johansson, co-founder and CEO of Dirac, audio improvement pioneer, to find out how this innovative company got started and what it ca...
Gecko Home Cinema

Living The High-Life!

Rob Sinden, owner and MD of specialist distributor Gecko Home Cinemas, offers some thoughts on selling high-performance audio systems. To be effective at se...
Pulse Cinemas

Promotional Added Value

Pulse Cinemas MD, Mike Beatty, explains how added value for installers working with the company does not just mean great products, technical support and traini...
RGB Communications

Are webinars the future?

We have been talking about training a lot recently at EI and here Gordon Innocent, highly experienced Chairman of RGB Communications, one of the industry’s gre...
Dirac Live

Room Correction System Shoot Out

One of the hottest subjects in the industry right now is room correction, taking high-performance systems and tuning them specifically for the environment they...