From Integrator to Distributor: Dizztribution was setup up to put fun back into the AV industry, no hidden agenda purely distribution by installers for installers by giving the best relationship with suppliers and integrators. David Kitchener and Daniel Sait talk to Dave Wilson of Dizzyfish Installations.

The future of AV distribution is all about three things – Bandwidth, bandwidth and bandwidth. The evolution of video signal quality has meant that even the most readily available sources require huge amounts of bandwidth to display at their native quality. The essential Install team discuss this with two experts from CYP Europe.

Let’s talk CI-FI? What is it? And why should you care? Is the industry going full circle as Hi-Fi and music only systems make a growing contribution to the custom install industry? David Kitchener talks to Andy Oattes and Danial Sait all about 2 channel.

The Essential Install team spoke to experienced Crestron Master programmer Cliff Stammers to talk programming, past, present and future, how has the role changed? How will it change in the future? Find out by listening to the very latest EI Pod Cast.

In the first of the Essential Install podcast series, ATM MD, David Kitchener, spoke with Matt Nimmons Managing Director of CEDIA EMEA Region to get the low down on what certification initiatives the organisation has planned for the rest of 2020 into 2021, in particular the CEDIA Certified Cabling & Infrastructure (CIT) Examination and the Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship.