TP Vision has come to CES 2016 in Las Vegas with a plethora of new TVs, as well as 4K Amazon Instant Video and game streaming via Gamefly.

Philips’ line-up of TVs in 2016 will be anchored by the flagship 8601 and 8901 AmbiLux sets, which were announced late last year. Both of those TVs will finally move from limited to full distribution by mid-January.

Alongside that will be a new 6000 UHD and 7000 UHD series, which will be launched in the first quarter boasting Philips’ signature Android TV software and Ambilight technology.

For those wanting HDR, TP Vision is positioning the 7000 range as the new entry level for HDR capable performance, while also boasting better sounding speaker with high power outputs and the Philips’ unique double and triple ring speaker technology.

For those not yet convinced by Ultra HD TVs, TP Vision will also be offering the 5000 Full HD series, which features upgraded picture and sound quality, plus improved internal specs for a smoother Android TV experience.

The 5000 series will be available in the first quarter of 2016 and will include a new 24in multi-function 521 1 set as a range highlight, combining the functionality of a monitor, a TV and a dedicated Bluetooth speaker into the one product.

A number of other Full HD small screen and large screen models will be released as part of the 4000 series.

All 2016 TVs will include Android TV, which has been upgraded this year with a bunch of new features new to Philips TVs.

Amongst the new features is Amazon Instant video streaming in both Full HD and 4K, which is available on some other television sets, but this will be the first time it’s available to Philips customers.

TP Vision says that a launch is aimed for the first quarter 2016, but no exact date has been given as of the time of publication.

Also new is the ability to stream console quality games via Gamefly’s cloud gaming service, which can be played by hooking up a Bluetooth game controller to the TV or using the TV remote.

Available for Q1 2016 for all 2014, 2015 and 2016 Philips Android TVs the new partnerships will add games such as:  Grid racing, Batman Lego, MotoGP and Dirt from Gamefly; Asphalt 8: Airborne and GT Racing 2 from Gameloft and Feed me Oil 2 from Chillingo – plus many more.

In addition, the Philips Smart TV platform will also offer a new subscription games service, Gametree TV Gold from TransGaming, which will offer games such as Rummikub, Tetris and WPT.

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