When it comes to choosing a TV for your next project, it’s unlikely that Philips is at the top of your list. Thankfully, that could soon change, as TP Vision, the company that licenses the Philips brand for TVs, has teamed up with high-end audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins to upgrade its TV audio.

Little is known about the partnership at this stage, although Bowers & Wilkins has confirmed that the tie-up will see Philips TVs ‘redefine the parameters of sound quality and performance on a TV’. That’s a bold claim from a firm that hasn’t much experience with integrated TV speakers.

Bowers & Wilkins does have a lot of expertise in the home audio space, however. Its line-up includes the Panorama 2 soundbar which was well-received by the consumer press, and could form the basis of this new partnership with TP Vision.

While TP Vision may be pivoting its Philips TV line-up to excelling at audio, hopefully its new model will also take picture quality seriously. We’re big fans of Philips’ Ambilight technology, which adds immersion to the picture being viewed, while the firm’s OLED sets have impressed as of late – hopefully this new model will continue that success.

There’s not long to wait to find out what will come of the TP Vision and Bowers & Wilkins partnership. The two firms have confirmed that they will be showing off the first result of their partnership at the IFA show in Berlin later this year.

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