L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, has announced the addition of new home cinema systems to its Archipel Sound System range.

The range now includes surround sound versions for home cinema fans – Fiji 5.1, Hawaii 5.1, and Tonga 7.1 systems have been launched alongside their original 2.1 incarnations.

From the Hollywood Bowl and Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to famous nightclubs Omnia, Jewel, and Hakkasan in Las Vegas, L-Acoustics is the go-to live sound system for sound engineers, live event venues, and touring artists worldwide, claims the company.

And now the same technology can be used to enjoy livestreamed performances at home, as the Archipel range uses the same speakers and sound technology that powers these venues and performances.

L-Acoustics’ sound systems and technologies can be heard in various Las Vegas entertainment venues, including the Park MGM Hotel Park Theatre, where Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild and Lady Gaga’s Enigma and Jazz & Piano residencies thrilled audiences and critics in 2019-2020. Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas Residency in L-ISA Immersive Sound.

Launched in 2020, the Archipel range of sound systems by L-Acoustics Creations include a mix of desktop, lounge, media room, home cinema and indoor-outdoor set ups for entertaining, which carry the company’s live sonic signature and gives music and film fans ‘that front row feeling’.

The range comprises: Fiji (2.1 and 5.1), Hawaii (2.1 and 5.1), Tahiti (2.1), Tonga (2.1 and 7.1) and Ibiza (2.0), as well as bespoke installations to address any space or use scenario.

“Consumer focus has shifted to the home, and to high end home audio as artists create a growing library of live streaming content,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, Managing Director, Creative Technologies, L-Acoustics.

“Consequently, interest in the best home sound systems is surging and L-Acoustics Creations is uniquely placed to fulfil the desire to bring the concert home. We’ve put three decades of professional audio experience into creating packages that transform musical content into an experience that satisfies the most demanding music lover. In designing Archipel, we wanted a best-of-both-worlds marriage of pro audio and high end sound.”


Fiji 2.1 and 5.1– A compact system for the home office or small lounges

Television with Archipel Sound System Fiji 2.1 in Dark Grey Brown

Hawaii 2.1 and 5.1 – A powerful and immersive system for large lounges

Archipel Sound System Hawaii 5.1 in Dark Grey Brown

Tahiti 2.1 – Signature live speakers for music, home cinema and indoor-outdoor use

Archipel Sound System Tahiti 2.1 – Private residence designed by Cochet/Païs Architecture, French Riviera

Tonga 2.1 and 7.1 – The ultimate live music and blockbuster home cinema listening experience, with an enhanced subwoofer

Archipel Sound System Tonga 7.1 in Pure White

Ibiza 2.0 – A party sound system used by the world’s biggest DJs

Archipel Sound System Ibiza 2.0 in Dark Grey Brown

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