Following the launch of its loyalty program and a new mobile app, Indigo Distribution has announced another offering designed to improve its customer service – a free Easy-Install service.

Easy-Install will essentially be a free approved pre-programming service to customers purchasing an ELAN control system. Everything can be done through either the iOS or Android app, or on Indigo’s website, alongside other features such as creating cable schedules, network maps, wiring schematics and even bespoke client user guides.

Those using the Easy-Install will benefit from hardware that has been pre-programmed before it arrives on location. That should reduce the amount of time the installer needs to spend on-site and help speed up the installation process.

Glen Corbridge, Indigo’s Technical Manager notes, “Our new Easy-Install service adds even more to the benefits that the app offers. When a customer uses our app, our team will then be able to use the data entered at the quoting stage in order to pre-program the system and get it ready for the install stage for our dealers and their clients.

“The Easy-Install service will take out the laborious, time-consuming part of our installers’ jobs. It will give them more time to get on with the technical programming and commissioning of their projects.

“It is often easy to overlook some of the programming basics that we teach at our training academy, and this results in calls to our tech team and the inevitable ‘Doh’ bang-on-the-head moment! Now, with our new Easy-Install pre-programming service, we can ensure that all the ELAN products and accessories bought from Indigo arrive with our dealers’ firmware updated, bench-tested and ready to run.”

Indigo’s technical team will pre-program, bench-test, and firmware-update all the ELAN hardware, meaning they will:

  • Update every product’s firmware
  • Set IP addresses where required
  • Test inputs and outputs
  • Pre-program controllers with basic functionalities in accordance with the system design from the application
  • Label boxes to get them ready for unpacking and installing

Dealers who wish to benefit from the Easy-Install service will need to design their system on either the Indigo app or website, in order for the required documentation to be provided. Additionally, only equipment sold by Indigo will be included in the pre-programming service.

In order to better assist its dealers, Indigo is also organising on-call-4-install sessions for integrators, with either Glen or Boaz ready and waiting to assist installers on-site, so that any issue can be resolved before leaving their project site. Finally, and in line with the idea of rewarding its customers, the Easy-Install service will be linked to Indigo’s Loyalty Program: the higher the tier, the more the installer will benefit from the service.

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