Indigo Distribution has announced a brand-new rewards program, which is set to track and reward participating dealers based on their quarterly purchases of ELAN, Niles, Sunfire, Xantech, and Furman products. The program has already rewarded on dealer with Platinum level status.

The Indigo Rewards Program levels include Bronze for dealers who achieve quarterly sales of £3,000, Silver for quarterly sales of £10,000, Gold for quarterly sales of £15,000, and Platinum for quarterly sales of £25,000.

“Our program is based on the premise that the more a dealer spends with us, the more they will be rewarded,” explains Indigo’s managing director Matthew Booth.

“All participating dealers get a quarterly rebate that is paid directly into their accounts, and Gold and Platinum level dealers also receive free shipping. We have plans to further expand the benefits of the program in the near future.”

The tiers and benefits of the program are as follows:

Thru the Looking Glass is the program’s first dealer to achieve platinum status. “Working with Indigo has been an extremely positive and profitable experience,” notes Ben Watts, managing director of Thru the Looking Glass.

“The program’s rebate makes a massive difference for our profits. In the AV industry, profit margins tend to be tight. Indigo’s new program helps us to better hit our targets.

“In addition to the rebate, Indigo offers the best technical support out of anyone we’ve ever worked with. They are always at-the-ready when we need them, which is really valuable to our team.”

According to Nortek Security & Control vice president of sales, Jeff Costello, “Indigo is successful in driving sales because it centres its model on helping custom installers drive more business and ensure a better customer experience. In 2017, they were responsible for making the United Kingdom and Ireland the number one international market for ELAN. We value Indigo enormously as a key distribution partner, and know that this rewards program will continue to be successful for years to come.”

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