Artison has unveiled two new models of next generation Reactance Cancelling Configuration (RCC) architectural subwoofers. Building upon Artison’s past performance and innovations, the Mark II series of RCC subwoofers offer increased output levels, exceptional dynamics, lower distortion, and a significant increase in efficiency.  

RCC160 MKII In-ceiling Subwoofer (pair)

Designed to deliver evenly distributed bass reinforcement from the ceiling, Artison says the RCC160 MKII provides a balanced, blended audio experience using multiple points of sound.

The RCC160 MKII is designed as a strong fit for active entertainment spaces such as great rooms, where integrators must deliver superior sound even as people move throughout the space.

The maker says when the RCC160 MKII is coupled with Savant’s Micro Aperture in-ceiling speakers, this full-range loudspeaker combination delivers a musical soundscape that is rich in dynamics and detail, plus delivers a perfect grille match required by top architects and specifiers.

The square and round grilles are just 4.65in in diameter and are a perfect match for Savant’s Micro Aperture speaker family as well as USAI Lighting Recess 4.5 fixtures, delivering a visually clean ceiling that includes subwoofers, speakers and lighting fixtures.

Also included, the rectangular grille is designed to blend in with in-ceiling HVAC registers when applicable. Each RCC160 MKII aluminum enclosure features two 4in by 6in drivers generating the approximate surface area of an 8in circular woofer from an impressively small package.     

RCC320 Mark II In-wall/In-ceiling Subwoofer

Designed for both in-wall and in-ceiling installations, the Artison RCC320 MKII delivers higher output, designed for dedicated music or theater rooms.

The RCC320 MKII employs four 4-inch by 6in subwoofer drivers per unit in an extruded aluminum enclosure perfectly engineered for tight spaces, with easy pre-construction or retrofit installation into a standard 2 x 4 stud bay.

The Artison RCC320 MKII can be specified with a discrete speaker grille or an HVAC-style ceiling grille. For installations that require stacked pairs of RCC320 MKII’s, a single double-length discrete speaker grill can be ordered.

Efficient Amplification

Rated at a meaty 1000W, the RCC1000-SA DSP-enabled amplifier is powerful and features all-new firmware that was developed specifically for the Mark II series subwoofers.

The 1U digital amplifier can drive up to four RCC320 MKII or eight RCC 160 MKII simultaneously, making installations featuring multiple subwoofers both cost and space-efficient on a per-zone basis.

“As we acknowledged the changing ways that families interact within their homes, which include more active spaces that require excellent sound reproduction, we were challenged to develop a low-frequency driver that not only fit into small spaces but also delivered twice the acoustical output, twice the excursion, and twice the sensitivity of previous solutions,” explains Artison founder Cary Christie explained. “With the MK II series subwoofers, we surpassed every preconception of what we had thought was possible.”

RCC160 MKII or RCC320 MKII subwoofers are available to order now.

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