Redline’s Red Hot White Glove Service

The Redline White Glove installation service has been created to delivers peace of mind. Company MD, Martin Morecroft, explains more.

We have the UK’s most experienced invisible install team, delivering the very best performance and product invisibility to all our projects.

Hidden speaker system sales are growing exponentially. Customers and the design community increasingly expect their interiors to remain visually untouched, so the aesthetic ambition for each space can be realised. Systems that leave modern interiors with their clean lines intact, or that do not impact on the classic lines of a period or listed property (Grade I and II) are in strong demand. Customers also do not wish to compromise on the quality of the delivered audio. The hidden speaker market has risen to the challenge with brands such Amina, JBL, Nakymatone, Sonance and Stealth offering products that combine these crucial abilities.

The delivery of discreet bass to support invisible speaker systems has also evolved rapidly. Redline offers numerous custom plaster-in grilles for in-wall subwoofers and in addition, our unique custom speaker cloth printing service, allows seamless colour blending with the design environment.

A unique performance characteristic of invisible speakers relates to their full-band dispersion capabilities. This means large spaces can be filled with fewer speakers than would be needed if using conventional ‘on show’ products. This not only delivers great value for the customer, but a far superior room filling experience.

Opportunity Knocks

The opportunity in this sector should be an obvious one for installers. However, with the complex nature of whole-home or home media room projects, companies do not always have the confidence or the time to devote to the installations of these systems. This is where our White Glove installation service comes in.

With over 20 years’ experience in this sector, we can design, deliver and install every aspect of any hidden speaker system, allowing installers to contrate on other aspects of the project safe in the knowledge that the very best results will be achieved. Confidence in our service also means installers can be more ambitious in their offering of hidden speaker systems. We have taken on and successfully completed every type of project from the very largest contemporary spaces to complex heritage projects that require a lot of care and knowledge.

Attention to detail

As part of project execution, experts are often drafted in to add their specialist knowledge. Our White Glove service falls firmly into this category offering genuine expertise in an area that many installers find challenging in terms of reliable execution, or the time needed to keep up with the rest of the project’s delivery. There is much to consider when installing invisible speakers. You cannot simply rock up, cut some holes and hope for the best. Attention to detail during the install is critical as is asking the right questions before starting the install.

From the obvious ‘thickness of plasterboard’ to the less obvious choice of numerous ceiling finishes ranging from standard multi-finish plaster to specialist finishes like Microcement and Venetian Stucco, the information that you need to gather before starting a job is considerable.

You also need to spend time understanding the lighting, acoustics, fire-rating, soundproofing and client performance expectation aspects of a project, and only then are you on the road to understanding the whole job in hand.

With over two decades of experience executing these projects, we have built an intimate knowledge of all the possible scenarios that these schemes can deliver and can plan for them right from the start ensuring the best end result each time.    

Making the right choice 

We have seen demand for the White Glove service increase as installers are asked to deal with an increasingly wide variety of installation projects in the commercial and domestic sector. As the design community’s knowledge of hidden and invisible audio systems has grown, projects increasingly call for knowledge of how to work with a wide variety of materials.

We can deliver projects working with a vast array of materials including wood veneers, laminates, slates, tiles, fabric, leather and fibreglass. If there is a material we have not worked with before, we are more than happy to test out the viability of its use and build a bespoke way of delivering it. This deep knowledge also allows us to deliver audio systems in some of the most challenging spaces such as swimming pools, bathrooms and saunas.   

With our experience and the technology at our disposal, we can specify rooms perfectly using speaker heat maps to ensure the right number of speakers are specified and their optimum placement is achieved.

Using our experience, there really are very few places these systems cannot go. Get in contact with us as soon as you know there might be potential or a desire for hidden/invisible audio in a project and we can help design, plan and execute.

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