With the hospitality and retail sectors opening once again, operators are looking for ways to enhance the experience for those visiting their establishments. UK distributor Redline says that information services provided by the iPad working with the Viveroo One support product, is a great way to offer just that.   

For many years in the automation and information delivery services arena it was the dedicated controller created by the automation platforms that were the sole dominant force. However, this was challenged in 2010 when the iPad launched. Offering end users and customers a different way to access information and present automation interfaces. Some even predicted the end of the dedicated touchscreen controller and for a time its true to say the iPad was a ‘disruptor product’. In truth what happened was that the power of the iPad and eventually other tablet products, challenged the dedicated controller to be better, and manufacturers responded. Taking their products to new levels and offering the type of control and always on availability that the tablet struggled with. Fast forward to today and a more mature relationship exists between dedicated control points and the iPad or tablet product. Dedicated controllers have come back strongly and offer a compelling and focused way of controlling a space and offering information. Their strengths include the extra technology makers included to offer a more comprehensive and personalised control point and the fact that they fitted into the fabric of the home so can’t be lost or be off doing something else.

However, the Redline maintains that the iPad has maintained a strong presence in the automation sector for several reasons. It is one of the most recognisable and popular products in the world. Offering clients control via a product they are already familiar with and could well already own, feels comfortable. Since its introduction, there have been ten versions of the iPad released and the company shipped a little under 10 million units worldwide in the first quarter of 2020 alone. Ignoring this type of penetration is missing an opportunity argues Redline. The other area where the iPad has refined its offering is through other companies getting involved and changing some of the product’s weaker points, namely that it is a multi-use device and could well be taken away to perform some other task, thus, impacting its use as a genuine controller. This transformation delivered by products such as the Viveroo One fixes the iPad in place (in Viveroo’s case, any iPad) with an attractive mount making sure it is always where the customer wants it, is always powered and always has a secured wired internet connection.

Looking at the iPad from this point of view, Redline argues you have a very different proposition, it has all the power of the iPad to run whatever interface software you require, combined with the multi-use power of the iPad operating system that people still may want to access, all combined with the always on, always there abilities of dedicated controller. Seen in this context the iPad has a big part to play, and for the hospitality industry, working in conjunction with products like the Viveroo One.

The Viveroo One Kiosk

At the end of last year, Redline introduced the market to the Viveroo One, a versatile support product for the iPad family. Meaning iPad products can be made available while staying connected and powered, taking the Apple device to a new level of potential in the automation world.

Now Redline is high-lighting an important addition to this part of the Viveroo range, the Viveroo One Kiosk, a product specifically designed with the hospitality and retail sectors in mind. Constructed from billet aluminium, the mount delivers a secure iPad holder for the use in public areas. As an iPad floor stand or desk stand, the Kiosk encloses the iPad and can only be opened with an Allen Key. The product delivers all the usual Viveroo One features of a secure location, constant powering and secure internet connection with the optional ethernet adapter. The design hides all cables and connectors inside the kiosk delivering a professional streamlined look.

The adaptable Kiosk is compatible with all iPads in all current size formats from the iPad mini to the largest iPad Pro. The design of the stand also means that if the customer wants to change what type of iPad they use, they can, without replacing the complete unit. The product is available in 3 different colour options of SuperSilver, DarkSteel and DeepBlack. It is also possible to order bespoke models with special colour finishes or logos.

As hospitality and retail industries start to reopen their doors, many will have to offer check in options for track and trace to follow the rules which allow them to be open at all, but also longer term, many businesses have seen the advantages of offering this type of easy check in for members clubs or to offer enhanced membership levels. Viveroo has created its own accessory for the Kiosk that allows the camera on every iPad to be used as an accurate scanner for documents or codes.

The iPad bracket holds the iPad in place and the scanning area is created just under the iPad desk stand. Redline argues the Viveroo One was already a strong partner for the hospitality and retail sectors, as many businesses now love to offer enhanced information and choice to customers when making purchases allowing them to achieve informed choices in an attractive way on a product that they already know and are used to accessing. Working with the Viveroo One, the iPad can also be the main interface for any automation offered within the building.

Martin Morecroft MD of Redline, comments, “The hospitality and retail sectors have been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic, many are keen to get back to as close to normal as they can as fast as they can. The Viveroo One helps them do that by staying compliant, but longer term has real business benefits for a whole range of functionalities that offer enhanced customer and automation experiences. Talk to us to find out more about Viveroo One Kiosk and the rest of the Viveroo range.”

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