Material Gain Delivered By Redline

Redline underlines that operating as a distributor in the CI and AV markets means delivering great products, of course, but it also means adding as much added value as possible to those products.

To this end, the company is highlighting its Custom Colour Cloth Printing service which the company says offers the most comprehensive speaker grille matching service in the UK.

Redline says that increasing opportunities for true integration, the team has developed a comprehensive service which can create colour matched speaker grilles for any speaker and provide fitting for the brands that Redline supplies. Colour matched cloth for joinery designed to house speakers can also be part of the service.

Using the service, installers can make speakers more discreet and feel more integrated with the room design with colours that match the interior design or preferred colour scheme.

For the service Redline uses only the best materials and techniques, for example only high-quality open weave audio grade white cloth is used as a base. The only limit the service has is that it cannot reproduce shiny or gloss finishes.

So how does it work?

When a suitable project comes up, installers are sent a comprehensive colour match book which boasts over 4000+ colour swatches. Simply find the match required for the speakers or joinery from the book, work out how much cloth is needed and contact Redline. It’s also possible to print licensed artwork if supplied with a high-quality image of the required design.

Should the book not contain the exact colour match needed, Redline can custom print additional swatch shades based on the closest match found, allowing you to zero in on the perfect match.

One of the most important factors to consider when you are colour matching, is to check the colours in the actual environment where the grille cloth with be placed.

Factors such as daylight, lamp/bulb light, curtains, wall colours and other colour materials in the room all impact the colours you see and can make the same shade look different depending on the environment it is in.

The colour swatch book has been created to take the guesswork out of colour matching and provides the ideal opportunity of finding your colour match.

Redline guarantees a close cloth print match between the shade/tone/colour swatch that is chosen, but the service cannot be held responsible for any initial incorrect colour choice made. That is why Redline takes the approach it does, checking with the

colour swatch book on site and in consultation with the client or their representative, is the best way to get the result you want.

An initial holding deposit invoice will be generated upon request of the book, which covers the colour swatch book and shipping crate. This cost is refunded in full when the book is returned in good condition.

Once the correct colour match has been established, costs are based on the amount of cloth required (measured in Linear Meters which is 1.5 m x 1m). Outbound shipping costs £10 and any needed inbound shipping costs £15. Turnaround time comes in at 14 days from when we have the colour match code you require.

It is also possible to re-print a colour and size already provided should there be an accident involving the speaker grilles and they become damaged.

So, Redline argues a colourful future awaits those installers who take advantage of the Custom Grille Colour Match printing service allowing the creation of something truly special for each client.

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