Hidden Power: Velodyne Sub Contractor SCIW Series

The Velodyne Sub Contractor SCIW Series is once again available in the UK from Redline Distribution and the company says it is delighted to be able to offer this powerful, versatile and fantastic sounding fully integrated subwoofer.

Velodyne Acoustics have built a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in sub-bass reproduction, delivering a comprehensive line-up of discreet and in-room bass products. With new owners, Audio Reference at the helm, Velodyne has a new lease of life and fresh impetus to maintain the innovation and high-performance it has become known for around the world.

Martin Morecroft, Managing Director at Redline Distribution says, “Since the Sub Contractor SCIW Series (SC-IW) launch, others have tried to get close in terms of its performance and integration abilities – but for us, it’s still the best on the market. Partnered with the dedicated enclosure box (SC – IWDVR) and driven by the dedicated rack mountable amplifier (SC-1250), this combination meets any custom installation need, whether it’s in-wall, in-floor, in-ceiling or in-cabinet.”

Dimensions wise, the combined driver and back box are H/W/D 730 x 356 x 86 (mms), weigh 19kgs and can be fitted into 4in x 2in stud wall construction. Once installed, the SC-IW is super discreet with only the small grille visible (a paint-able metal perforated grille is included).

It is also possible to attach the 90° scoop (in place of the grille) allowing bass pressure to vent through small slots in skirting boards or joinery. The package can even be installed into a solid wall. Couple that with a frequency response of an impressive 22 – 120 Hz (+/- 3dB), this means there really is no installation challenge the subwoofer cannot overcome, says the distributor.

Weighing in at 13kgs, the powerful and agile SC1250 amplifier is used to power the driver and offers a generous 1250W RMS of Class-D performance with a built-in five-band automatic room-EQ to get the bass just right in any environment.

Dimensions are H/W/D 108 x 432 x 33 (mms) and the SC1250 comes in a black anodised aluminium casing. The amp is actually powerful enough to drive two SC – IWDVR subs and, of course, comes with rack mount fixings for this 2U high machine. RS232 control is also on board and the five band EQ also has four listening pre-sets to match the customer’s preference. The unit even has generic settings allowing it to be used with third-party passive subwoofers if required.


The performance

When developing the SC-IW, the feat that Velodyne needed to pull off was to transport its deserved reputation for strong performance, created by in room products like the popular Digital Drive series (also available from Redline), into an integrated design.

This of course was no easy task, as traditionally, a sub gets its power and performance from the physics of an in-room design, speaker size, cavity space and driver excursion – not to mention the ability to place the speaker at the optimal point inside the room.

However, Redline says Velodyne has delivered a product that effortlessly exceeded expectations, meaning that there was no longer a need for compromise in terms of bass performance to get an integrated finish.


Innovation within the subwoofer design includes their revolutionary ‘T’ shaped driver. This allows the driver to be mounted in the same plane as the wall studs, eliminating unwanted movement in the wall. This results in a tight, deep bass and improved output efficiency.

Velodyne delivers a two-year warranty on the Sub Contractor SCIW Series. However, Redline is so confident in the product, it offers a further year on top of that bringing it to a three-year warranty.

Martin concludes, “There will always be some customers that want the raw power and in-room physical impact of stand-alone subs, and Velodyne can certainly deliver that, but when clean lines and a more discreet finish are required, the SC-IW and its partners deliver something unrivalled in the market offering the aesthetics and the bass impact needed for a truly integrated solution. Get in touch and find out how these speakers can transform your approach to delivering high-quality bass performance.”

Pricing is as follows: Driver – VEL-SC-IWDVR – Retail £1495.83 + VAT; Back Box – VEL-SC-IWBB – Retail £291.67 + VAT; Amplifier – VEL-SC-1250 – Retail £1245.83 + VAT

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