Sony Europe revealed a wide array of new televisions including the ZH8 8K Full Array LED, A8 (55” and 65”) and A9 (48”) 4K OLED, and XH95 and XH90 4K Full Array LED sets at CES. 

By utilising Sony’s Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, clear and precise picture quality is achieved. Premium quality sound is a key part of the viewing setup as well, and the new models feature Sound-from-Picture Reality, which gives customers the feeling that sound is coming directly from the screen.

The new models will continue to deliver the creator’s intent with Netflix Calibrated Mode, offering studio-quality Netflix content, and IMAX Enhanced (in select models).

Sony’s new TVs also introduce Ambient Optimisation, a new technology that optimises picture and sound quality in any customer environment. It will automatically adjust the picture brightness to the ambient light in the room, boosting the brightness in bright rooms and reducing in dark rooms for the perfect view. It even detects objects in the room, such as curtains and furniture that can absorb or reflect sound, fine-tuning the acoustics so your sound isn’t compromised.

In addition to Ambient Optimisation, the new Sony TVs will feature a new Immersive Edge design concept. In order to create even more viewing immersion, a discrete stand is now located at the edge of the screen. The minimalist stand is hardly noticeable, offering customers an improved and unobstructed viewing experience.

For the upcoming next generation gaming consoles, select new models will support 8K resolution, 4K 120fps high frame rate and fast response time via HDMI inputs to deliver their maximum performance for a cutting-edge gaming experience.

The most immersive experience is realised through enhanced picture quality, slim design and Sound-from-Picture Reality with Sony’s new Frame Tweeter technology. The frame tweeter vibrates the frame of the TV to emit sound, giving customers the feeling that sound is coming directly from the screen.

X-Motion Clarity for OLED technology will now be available for OLED, refining action on the screen in real time with an impressive refresh rate to make it brighter, clearer and more fluid than ever before.

X-Wide Angle technology provides vivid real-world colours from any angle while reportedly retaining more colour and brightness than other conventional LED TVs. To offer even more choice to customers, the XH95 4K Full Array LED TV will come with X-Wide Angle in the 55” size and above.

Sony’s Full-Array Local Dimming and Boosting technology dynamically changes the light levels in sections of the screen depending on the content, resulting in an increase in contrast and brightness. By accurately balancing the light output across the screen, darker scenes get darker and brighter scenes get brighter as the creator intended. This premium feature will now be available on the mid-range XH90 4K Full Array LED TV.

Meanwhile, users can now enjoy your viewing experience in darker environments with the ZH8’s and XH95’s premium aluminium backlit remote.

The new line-up will feature Android TV with the Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Chromecast built-in, which offers users easy access to content, services and devices via its extensive platform. Sony’s original user interface menus and voice controls are also enhanced for better daily use. Expanded voice control functions enable users to enjoy live TV, apps and connected devices hands-free.

Sony’s voice-activated TVs work alongside Google Assistant to provide a smarter viewing experience, and with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices, users may cast and control videos from YouTube with Google Home or change the channel or volume with Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

With Apple AirPlay 2, users can stream movies, music, games and photos to their television right from their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way for users to control their television from their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Pricing and retail availability will be announced at a later date.

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