Crestron will be working alongside Czech Integrators, Ropreoso, and Langard, to showcase the latest in automation technology at this year’s Audio-Video-SmartHomes Show in Prague.

The show, which begins this week (March 27-28)  at Dorint Don Giovanni, Prague, is the first of its kind for the area and brings together the best in audio, video and smart home technology from across Europe.

Crestron’s new affordable Pyng concept will be front and centre, billed as the App that IS the home automation system.

A compact hub connects accessories with the App, runs scenes and events, whilst continuously backing up all home settings to the cloud – so making changes is easy and secure.

Once the initial set up is complete, anyone can easily modify settings or create new scenes right from the App, installer or end user.

Crestron says Pyng empowers homeowners to make changes to scenes and settings themselves with the confidence that their integrator can restore to an automatic cloud backup if they wish to undo any adjustments.

Crestron will also be showing its range of speakers, including the Aspire, Essence and Saros models.

Designed for easy installation and a discreet built-in appearance, Crestron says its family of in-wall, in-ceiling, and surface mount speakers bring the finishing touches to every room, ensuring Crestron-guaranteed end-to-end performance as part of any complete Crestron system.

The new DigitalMedia Presentation systems will also be on display.

With a built-in Crestron 3-Series Control System, these next generation models are designed to deliver high-quality HD performance and convenience in a network-grade appliance.

The systems can be configured right from the optional pre-loaded TSW-750 touch screen, or from an iPad or computer, providing everything needed to deliver high performing HD presentation experiences.

DigitalMedia Presentation systems integrates the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier and DigitalMedia distribution centre all into a single three-space rack mount package.

Crestron can be seen on the Langard’s stand (3rd floor | 346) or Ropreso’s stand (2nd floor | Don Giovanni 2 + 3 | 336) at the Audio-Video-SmartHomes Show at Dorint Don Giovanni, Prague.

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