Ruark Audio has launched its first ever subwoofer, the RS1, which complements the manufacturer’s award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers.

Its discreet, compact build is designed to blend into any decor, and can accommodate any source – from a turntable to a smartphone.

Born from the desire to enhance the sound of Ruark’s MR1 Bluetooth speakers, the all-new RS1 subwoofer is designed to transform the audio performance of any home speaker.

The RS1’s tailored grille and hand-crafted panels of RS1 have been crafted to enable it to sit comfortably within the home.

The enjoyment of music is at the core of any Ruark design, and RS1 is not about thunderous, overblown bass, but about deep, controlled, and most importantly, musical sound. 

To achieve this, the enclosure and custom drivers have been optimised and tuned to provide natural extended bass. Driving the system is a 100 watt Class D amplifier. This new generation amplifier keeps firm control of the bass driver at all volume levels with headroom to spare, although soft clipping and protection is built in should the system ever be overloaded to avoid damage. 

Setup and adjustment is straightforward and with its auto-on/ standby feature, RS1 will automatically turn itself on and off as required.

The manufacturer states that the RS1 is a perfect addition to Ruark’s MR1 and R3S models or any other system where a subwoofer with style and good sound is required.

“We developed RS1 due to the demand from our customers seeking a companion

subwoofer for our award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers,” says Alan O’Rourke, Managing Director, Ruark. “Alone, MR1’s produce a remarkable sound, but with RS1 the sound they produce takes on a new dimension, with deep controlled bass you can feel and groove to.” 

The RS1 and MR1 bundle retail for £698. 

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