Professional Audio Design Inc. Becomes an Official Dolby Service Partner

Leading studio design and integration specialist, Professional Audio Design Inc. (PAD), has announced its new status as an official Dolby Service Partner. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for the U.S based company, as it expands its capabilities to offer enhanced audio solutions to its customers.

As a Dolby Service Partner, PAD gains access to Dolby’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise, enabling the company to deliver unparalleled audio experiences across various industries and applications. With Dolby’s industry-leading audio technologies, PAD can continue to provide its customers with superior sound quality, immersive audio experiences, and enhanced content creation capabilities.

Dave Malekpour, President of Professional Audio Design Inc. (PAD), says, “We are delighted to become a Dolby Service Partner. This partnership opens up exciting new opportunities for our company to deliver exceptional audio solutions to our clients. Dolby is globally recognised for its innovation in audio technologies, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them to provide our customers with immersive and captivating audio experiences.”

As a Dolby Service Partner, PAD will offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. These services include:

1.            Dolby Atmos Integration: It will provide seamless integration of Dolby Atmos technology into existing or new audio systems, allowing customers to experience immersive, three-dimensional sound.

2.            Calibration and Optimisation: PAD’s certified experts will calibrate and optimize audio systems to deliver the best possible sound reproduction, creating an optimal audio environment for customers.

3.            Training and Support: the Company will offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing technical support to help clients maximize the potential of Dolby’s technologies and solutions.

By partnering with Dolby, PAD aims to empower its international clients across various industries, including music production, broadcast, live venues and hospitality to unlock the full potential of their audio experiences. This collaboration reinforces PAD’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, providing its team with the tools and expertise to elevate its audio offerings and stay ahead in a competitive market.

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