Speaker Snap Revolutionises Banana Plugs

Speaker termination revolutionised: introducing Speaker Snap, the fastest banana plug in town.

In what the supplier is describing as a ‘stroke of engineering genius’, Speaker Snap has created what the company says is the simplest, ‘fastest to install’ banana plugs currently available. These connectors use a patent-pending lever to make an ultra-tight secure connection, there’s no set-screw or soldering required making Speaker Snap banana plugs a ‘must-have’ timesaver for everyone involved in audio and custom install.

Preparing cables for Speaker Snaps is straight-forward: Just lift the little yellow lever, Strip the cable (6-12mm / 1/4in-1/2in), insert it into the connector, snap the yellow lever down and the job is done.

Speaker Snaps accept cables of up to 12AWG (4mm) thickness, providing fast and secure termination with impressive pull strength. The products creator says they are well suited for quality connections in both the traditional Hi-Fi/AV market as well as the CI industry. Remember, you’ll already have had to strip the cable so this simple, tool-less connector makes it a breeze to connect and finish the job, says the maker.

Chris White, MD of AmericanAudioCo, supplier of the brand into the UK, says, “Speaker Snap is one of those ‘It’s so simple, why hasn’t it been done before?’ products that makes everyone’s life easier. We’re really excited to be working with Speaker Snap to bring their unique product to the UK, as well as the wider EU market, and can’t wait to get them into the hands of installers and retailers.”

AmericanAudioCo Technical Manager, Mark Cheffins, adds, “Dig a little deeper into the design and engineering that has gone into these little products and you can’t fail to be impressed. The resulting pull strength is immense… you’ll absolutely pull the connector out of the amp/speaker way before it comes close to letting go of the cable it’s gripping!”

Speaker Snap, fast-fit speaker banana plugs are available in packs from £9.95inc VAT (Trade Pricing available).

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