Artcoustic Installation Of The Month: Modus Vivendi Installs Dolby Atmos Home Cinema

Kent-based AV install company Modus Vivendi recently designed and installed a Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 Artcoustic home theatre into a UK home.

Spitfire 6-3 speakers were installed behind an acoustically transparent screen and, due in part to their 95db sensitivity, will reach the reference 105db levels with under 50W of power.

Two Control 2 subwoofers were also installed behind the screen, which Artcoustic says deliver “superb dynamics,” but keeping with the clean and simple design. Artcoustic SL4-2s are used for the side and rear speakers, with Architect SL4-2 overheads to complete the Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system.

“Artcoustic allows installers a full and complete range so ensure that the cinema can be designed properly, not just sold to a price point,” says Paul Cummin, Artcoustic MD.

“Artcoustic believe that all cinemas, though based on the same principals, are different, and should be designed uniquely to the space and brief, rather than sold from predetermined packages. From the Spitfire 4-2 through to the Spitfire 24-12, and then on to the Performance Series, there is a product within the range to call upon for almost any application.”

Artcoustic works closely together with its supportive installers to design the ideal system, often providing 3D visualisations and technical simulations to ensure the final system delivers way beyond the client’s expectations.

“The results, as in this case, are often stunning,” says Paul.

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