Humly, a workplace experience company with more than a decade of experience in modernising business environments, is fulfilling the need for simplified booking and reservations at Cecil Coworking, an upscale office and meeting facility located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. 

Reportedly recognised as “Sweden’s most beautiful office,” Cecil Coworking spans two floors and 3,200 square metres (approximately 34,000 square feet). Featuring a Nordic design with an earthy colour palette, the facility aspires to create a refined, inspiring and inclusive working environment that is suited to a wide range of companies.

Cecil Coworking provides premium office, conferencing, lounge and desk space to companies and individuals on a membership basis and strives to provide members with a fluid, efficient experience throughout the workday. Humly helped the company achieve this goal with the deployment of its sleek Humly Room Display hardware devices. 

“The Humly Room Displays have a stylish and timeless design that complements our décor,” says Patrik Jdeidani, Service Host at Cecil Coworking.

Aside from their cosmetic appeal, the form factor of the Humly Room Displays accommodates the limited wall real estate at Cecil Coworking. 

“The size and the Power over Ethernet [PoE] network socket at the rear edge meant that they fit on the relatively narrow wall sections on each office’s exterior, which stand between a floor-to-ceiling window and a door,” Patrik adds.  

The interactive Humly Room Displays are part of the larger Humly Workplace Solutions suite, including Humly Visitor, Humly Floor Plan, Humly Wayfinding and Humly Reservations. 

Together, these tools allow users to access their reservations, view room booking status, and obtain directions to the spaces they have reserved. They also enable meeting participants to extend or end their sessions, and automatically cancel meetings when no one has checked in. They can be integrated with in-room sensors and other equipment, and an open API facilitates integration with other smart office and collaboration solutions. 

Humly Room Displays are designed to integrate with the Nexudus booking platform, which is popular within coworking and flex work environments. This provides an intuitive interface through which members may easily reserve the space they need. 

“Humly provides a fast and flexible way for our members to, among other things, book conference rooms via Nexudus,” Patrik explains. “In addition, the system is easy for our employees to navigate.”

This is the first project to put the Humly/Nexudus partnership into practice. Patrik explains that Cecil Coworking uses Nexudus not only for bookings, but also for tasks like managing access, invoicing, website and app updates, visitor check-in and check-out, deliveries and more. He says that Humly’s software customisation capabilities were one of the main reasons for the display choice, and that the integration between the Humly Room Displays and the back-end software is seamless.

For Patrik, this smooth integration is a standout feature of Humly’s solution. 

“Because we use  Nexudus for so many aspects of our daily work––as well as for member-facing applications––we need these two key components to operate harmoniously,” he says. “And, once again, we need to provide an excellent member experience, and so the technology that we deploy must be as reliable, user-friendly, and convenient as possible.”

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