Basalte Tells A Love Story

Basalte has released its latest brand video to engage with audiences using inspirational content.

Basalte says the company is dedicated to uniting high-quality design with intuitive smart home technology. As a Belgian brand, Basalte holds values such as passion, dedication and true craftsmanship in high regard, while using exclusive materials and fabrics in the maker’s products.

The company says its most recent brand video is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to high-end design, luxurious living and intuitive smart home technology. This ‘enchanting’ video offers a glimpse into the magical world of living in a Basalte smart design house.

Installers and end users can watch this video on the Basalte Vimeo or YouTube channel.

The video tells the tale of a love story between the owner and their smart home. As the first rays of sunlight break through the horizon, they wake up with a good feeling about the day ahead. The home magically comes to life at the slightest touch. The shades open, favourite music fills the room, the ideal temperature is set, everything feels effortlessly comfortable.

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