CEDIA is offering KNX in the Home‘, a virtual conference that will include a panel discussion loaded with industry insiders, an in-depth exploration of the vast range of KNX uses, and a section on harnessing KNX technology for HVAC. The three-hour event, free for all industry professionals, will focus on innovative residential uses for the global standard of home and building systems automation: KNX.

KNX applications comprise all aspects of smart home automation, including lighting and AV control, security, energy management, and HVAC,” says CEDIA EMEA Managing Director, Matt Nimmons. “As integrators look for more ways to connect and scale technology in the home, a broader grasp of solutions within the KNX ecosystem can be a game-changer for business and for clients.”

KNX Association is the event’s headline partner. The organisation works to develop and promote the KNX standard so that it is recognised as the basis for creating smart home and building solutions that can be globally used and are secure and connected. KNXtoday, the event’s media partner, is the e-magazine for KNX home and building control. Sponsors include: ABB, Basalte, Bemco, Ivory Egg, and Theben AG.

“We’re delighted to support CEDIA with the KNX in the Home event,” KNX Association Marketing Manager, Casto Canavate says. “KNX is a great opportunity for integrators to broaden their portfolio and offer a wide range of integrated solutions that complement their existing work. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you all on Wednesday 17th March.”

The schedule for the ‘KNX in the Home’ digital learning

Panel Discussion: Transform Your Integration Business with KNX

Moderator: Jeff Hayward, The Integrated Home Podcast and Wildwood PR

Panellists: Vladimir Kozlovskyy, Intech Service; Nick Gale, Design Innovation; Olaf Stutzenberger, ABB; Koen Dekyvere, Basalte

14:00 GMT | 09:00 EST | 06:00 PST

Summary: What is KNX, what applications does the technology have within the home, and why does it present home technology integrators with new business opportunity? In this panel discussion, hosted by Jeff Hayward from The Integrated Home Podcast, the esteemed panellists will take a deep dive into the KNX protocol, the brands and technologies it supports, and how it can help create new business and boost efficiency and reliability of integrating, controlling, and maintaining different home sub-systems.

Integrating KNX and AV Systems

Presenter: Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg

15:00 GMT | 10:00 EST | 07:00 PST

Summary: In some cases, KNX is used on its own to offer a high level of control over building systems, in other cases it is used in conjunction with systems such as AV or another building management system. This 45-minute session will explore the ways different systems can interface with KNX, investigate the benefits of each, then look at real world examples of how BMS and AV systems can be connected to KNX.

Integrating and Controlling HVAC with KNX

Presenter: Jeremy Aston, BEMCO

16:00 GMT | 11:00 EST | 08:00 PST

Summary: This seminar will explore the reasons to use KNX for HVAC control. It will examine how KNX can be flexibly deployed in a wide range of climate control scenarios, from small apartments to large residential and commercial projects. It will also discuss some of the powerful control and integration options that KNX offers, how its decentralised architecture increases its resilience, and how it can be expanded to easily incorporate multiple building functions without complex programming.

CEDIA.net has more about registering for ‘KNX in the Home’, details on each presentation, and information on upcoming CEDIA events, including hybrid KNX Basics courses at the CEDIA EMEA Training Centre.

In addition to industry-focussed training events, CEDIA offers a comprehensive catalogue of online learning opportunities through the CEDIA Academy, including ‘Fundamentals of Subsystems’ and ‘Fundamentals of Distributed Audio’ and educational pathways like the ‘Cabling and Infrastructure Technician Pathway’ for new technicians entering the industry and the ‘Integrated Systems Technician Pathway’ for cabling and infrastructure technicians to take the next step in their professional development.

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