Basalte introduces Adelante door entry and Plano in-wall speakers

Adelante is Basalte’s new modular door phone for Basalte Home. Completing the company’s ecosystem for the intelligent home, Basalte now brings its aesthetically led design approach from inside the home to the front door.

Users can see who’s at the doorstep, talk to them and let them in using Lisa, Ellie and Lena displays or the Basalte Home app. Making a first impression is important, so Basalte is keen for installers to provide customers with a way to make sure they do it with great elegance.

Everything is built around an attractive OLED display with super-high contrast. Its touch-sensitive display reacts at the slightest touch, but also a physical button is always there. The maker says this gives that tactile feeling expected from a doorbell. Two types of cameras are integrated so users always have a clear overview of your visitors and the outside area.

Adelante only comes in high-quality finishes to match aesthetics and Basalte’s full product line. Moreover, this new door phone has a modular design so users can have every option at their fingertips like access control, badge readers, fingerprint recognition and so much more. Even a full-length door phone is possible and installers can choose to install it on-wall or on a separate pole. Basalte says that the door phone is no longer a necessity, with this new introduction it is a design statement, perfectly integrated into a Basalte Home.


Plano, in-wall design speakers

Plano is described as a unique collection of high-performance, passive in-wall speakers for the most exclusive homes. In a stereo or surround setup, Plano speakers will live up to the expectation to create a magical sound performance while blending beautifully into the interior design, says the maker.

While Plano R3 is a compact and accurate in-wall speaker for smaller rooms or as a surround speaker, the bigger Plano R5 is the reference design and is designed as a front stereo or centre speaker.

Exclusive finishes combined with a variety of top-quality fabrics by Gabriel and Kvadrat from Denmark, give plenty of choice to find the perfect architectural combination that fits every interior and other Basalte products. Although being understated and minimalistic, the maker says Plano speakers use the latest technology to create an impeccable sound performance including powerful 6.5in aluminium mid-woofers and 6.5in Kevlar bass woofers.

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