The new Basalte flagship keypad, Fibonacci, is now shipping for KNX and Crestron control systems. With a design that is inspired by the golden ratio, Basalte ‘again raising the bar in the integrated controls market’.

Basalte is a Belgian manufacturer of design products for the intelligent home, best known for its controls, apps and speakers. For the first time in over a decade, Basalte has launched a new flagship keypad: Fibonacci.

Just like Sentido, this new touch-sensitive keypad also integrates with KNX and Crestron systems to intuitively control lights, shades, music and more. It supports single and long press actions, as well as multitouch functions, next to an integrated RGB led, temperature sensor and thermostat logic (KNX only). Fibonacci is available in the same Basalte metal finishes.

Furthermore, Fibonacci easily installs on both a 1-gang European or American wall box, making it a good fit for both new construction and retrofit projects. The keypad also comes with easily exchangeable, back lit labeling to indicate each button’s functionality. The keypad’s labels light up when approaching.

Fibonacci’s looks are inspired by the golden ratio: a well-known architectural concept that is easy to the eye and represents natural beauty. This ratio is derived from the famous row of numbers by the Italian mathematical genius Fibonacci, hence the keypad’s name.

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