Zektor US will trade as Pulse-Eight. Zektor was purchased by the Pulse-Eight Group in December of 2018. By consolidating the name of Zektor under the Pulse-Eight brand name, Pulse-Eight in America will be able to achieve cost savings via global branding efficiencies, economies of manufacturing scale and will introduce a wider variety of products. These efficiencies and savings will be passed through to all Pulse-Eight’s dealers throughout the American marketplace. For example, the best-in-class neo:X+ Video and Audio Matrix formerly known as the Zektor Palladia gX in America, will now be reduced in price by as much as $700. In addition to this, Pulse-Eight are launching a new range of 4K and 8K optical HDMI cables specifically designed for customers in America that demand the very best Ultra HD audio and video from their equipment. These cables will be conveniently supplied in money-saving bundle packs making it even easier for integrators to purchase and supply these to clients.

In addition, Pulse-Eight will soon be announcing the introduction of several new commercial and residential video distribution products that will be unique to the market.

“I am excited to help bring new technologies and products to the American market, and I am looking forward to building awareness of the Pulse-Eight brand name that sets the new standard for technology and reliability,” comments Mark Shaughnessy, Vice President of Sales (America), Pulse-Eight.

Pulse-Eight has been designing and manufacturing its own products in the UK since 2010 and has created industry leading HDBaseT and HDMI products including matrices, splitters and extender sets alongside video and audio accessories that add vital connection and manipulation abilities to the installer’s toolbox. Martin Ellis (CEO) works with several industry leading technology groups and helps to create many of the technologies that are enjoyed today and will be used tomorrow.

“I am very pleased and excited about the growth Zektor has experienced over the past year and the future that lies before the newly branded Pulse-Eight America, as we bring innovative products and new technologies to the marketplace that are distinctly different from most all other brand names in our industry.” says Martin.

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