LILIN UK are expanding their NDAA compliant product range with a new series of NVR offerings, giving a 4K resolution in 4, 8 and 16 channel units with in-built PoE. Building on the success of their previous PoE NVR series, these units feature embedded Linux hardware and are finished in a sleek, high gloss black design, ideal for the CI market.

Initial previews of these upcoming models garnered a lot of interest at The Security Event, and LILIN UK are looking forward to showcasing these at EI Live later this month alongside our new AI camera.

LILIN have been developing our proprietary AI platform AIDA since late 2019, and this now encompasses multiple ‘engines’, from Traffic Violations to Mask Detection. These AIDA engines will now be available on LILIN’s Z7 cameras to provide AI detection on the edge, ideal for smaller scale AI applications without a traditional server. The Z7 cameras will expand the availability of AI to a wider range of customers, with engines including:

AIANPR — Aida Number Plate Recognition

AICarMake — Aida ANPR and Parking Violation with Car Make Recognition

AIFLOW — Aida Traffic Management

AICAP — Aida People & Car Counting for Premises Capacity

AIMask — Aida Mask Detection with Social Distance Detection

AISPC — Aida Parking Space Counting

AISPD — Aida Estimate Speed & Distance Measuring

AIFIRE — Aida Fire and Smoke Detections

AISAFETY — Aida Construction Site Safety (includes Helmet/Hi-Vis Detection)

AIRAIL — Aida Rail and Pantograph detection

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