Tangent DAC II and Tangent Ampster TV II launch for film and music lovers

Tangent has introduced two new products to further enhance its Ampster range, the DAC II and TV II.

Compact in design, these two products are designed specifically for music or film-lovers who want to cost effectively improve their streaming, CD or TV listening experience. 

The brand-new Tangent DAC II is a high-quality hi-fi DAC with a premium Sabre ES9023 24-bit Stereo Audio DAC at its heart and is designed as a solution for anyone who has a traditional amplifier but now needs a cost effective, compact preamplifier featuring multiple digital inputs of coaxial, 2 x optical digital and USB. 

The Tangent DAC II also features the latest AptX Bluetooth technology, allowing users to stream music from a phone or other compatible high-quality audio devices. Additionally, for those who prefer a more intimate listening experience, the DAC II can also be used as a quality, dedicated headphone amplifier. 

In addition to its digital capabilities, the Tangent DAC II also features both RCA and XLR balanced outputs, making it a great partner to Tangent’s PowerAmpster II or other power amplifiers. 

Priced at £249.99, the Tangent DAC II features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and a compact, sleek design that won’t take up too much space in a home or office. 

Meanwhile, the Tangent Ampster TV II (priced at, £199.99) is an amplifier designed to enhance TV audio. 

Featuring a Bluetooth 5.0 HD connection and HDMI input, the Tangent Ampster TV II features 2 x 50-watt amplification and is suitable for any stereo passive speaker set-up for TV and music.

The Tangent DAC II and TV II are available now from Tangent retailers. For further information contact the brand’s UK distributor, Avoke Ltd.

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