Stratton Acoustics has launched its new Element 12, a small two-way, reflex-loaded design with integral stand.

Created by the same duo that conceived the manufacturer’s Elypsis 1512 – David Fowler (founder, designer and manufacturer) and Phil Ward (electro-acoustic engineer) – the Element 12’s performance aims are identical: to give a singular, uncommon focus on dynamics, rhythm and engagement, but contained within a smaller, more easily accommodated enclosure.

And once again, as with the 1512, every aspect of the Element 12 – available in four, distinctive high gloss finishes – is artisanal in nature, being precision-engineered and hand-made in the UK by a team of talented specialist contractors, under the watchful eye and direction of the creators.

Formed from 26mm/46mm bamboo ply panels, the Element 12’s internally braced cabinet, as the name suggests, houses a single, custom-made 12in paper bass/mid driver with dual voice-coils and a NeFeB (neodymium-iron-boron) magnet motor system. Twin reflex ports – located out of sight on the underside of the speaker – are tuned to deliver an in-room response down to 38Hz.

High frequencies come courtesy of the same 29mm (1.2in) soft dome tweeter used in the Elypsis 1512 model, housed in Stratton’s patented Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly and, once again, using a NeFeB magnet motor. 

At 94dB the overall system sensitivity is impressively high, placing little in the way of restrictions on partnering amplification.

Supporting the speaker is an integral stand, formed from 3mm thick, powder-coated, structural steel panels – based on Voronoi geometry – all underpinned by a high-gloss bamboo ply and natural cork base. 

Initially, the speaker will be available in four, high gloss mirror finishes: Piano white with silver, Piano black with Black and Gold, Maple with Silver, and Ziricote with Black and Gold.

“There are many, many forms of addiction,” said David. “Ours is simply the desire to continue creating beautifully crafted, artisan-built loudspeakers that nail you to your seat the instant you hear them playing the music you can’t get enough of. In short, we get our ‘fix’ by supplying customers with theirs.”

The Element 12 will make its UK debut in the Vertere Acoustics room (Stowe) at AudioShow Deluxe, taking place at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire, from 23-24 March, 2024.  

The source will be Vertere’s MG-1 MKII Magic Groove turntable, fitted with the XtraX moving coil cartridge, with amplification supplied by FM Acoustics. 

Price (per pair): Element 12: £32K, $42K, €38K

They are available direct, with shipping (charged at cost) to anywhere in the world.

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