A genuinely global concern with locally focused distributors in over 40 countries including the UK, HDL’s products are being used in a wide variety of projects from residential and commercial properties, to hotels and more recently, marine vessels.

In the past, expensive middleware was required to allow different subsystems to communicate.

HDL argues that a strong USP of its approach is that it offers a comprehensive modular control system that covers almost every system from lighting to heating, relays, HVAC, curtain and blind motors, monitoring, background music, sensors and programmable intelligence.

For example, its lighting range consists of dozens of lighting control products, including Leading Edge and Trailing Edge dimming, 0(1)-10V, DALI and DMX.

Furthermore, HDL is keen to point to the system’s competitive pricing and the full training and support package it can offer.

The company is also confident that installers will be pleased with the aesthetics of the visible parts of its systems such as light switches, wall-thermostats and ceiling sensors.

Switches are available in a variety of finishes and can be customised if required – particularly useful for hotel projects where a unique look is often important.

In addition to its wired BUS products, HDL is a member of the ZigBee Alliance, Z-Wave Alliance and KNX Association.

The wireless range includes switches and sensors with inbuilt dimmers and relays, making retrofit a possibility in buildings where rewiring is not possible.

A KNX version of the most popular HDL Bus Pro products and some unique ones are also available.

In order to make the solutions as cross compatible as possible, the company has several product integration solutions in place by software and control companies such as Demopad, iRidium Mobile and Throne BMS (3D).

The BUS protocol is made available to third-party developers who wish to undertake further development with their products.

With notable projects such as BMW World in Germany, Gordon Ramsay restaurants, Park Hyatt Hotels and private residencies utilising and the benefits of HDL, the company is confident it has a solution suitable for your next project.

Installers can check out the whole range at ISE on Stand 12-C85.

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