CEDIA’s Design Track education is spaced out over four days at ISE 2016 to allow visitors plenty of time to visit the showfloor and network with industry peers.

Here is CEDIA’s take on a designers’ dream training opportunities during the week:

Monday: Sub Systems Design

This course is a great way to get your design fundamentals up to speed before the show even opens.

You will learn to integrate the core components of most residential installs and also look at integrating third party systems; a great chance to get your designer head on for the week.

Tuesday Morning: Principles of Project Management

Here you can focus on your project management skills in the context of custom installation.

The inherent nature of custom installation means that each project will have unique challenges to overcome, so this skill is an essential for home technology professionals to deliver projects on time and in budget.

Thursday Afternoon: Design Thinking

This workshop provides hands-on practice using the methods of design thinking for client discovery and needs assessment.

This workshop focuses on conducting client interviews by stressing communication techniques to discover true needs.

It also covers how to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your future designs.

CEDIA will discuss the path to end-user empathy and create actionable points of view upon which system designs and user experiences can be optimised.

Simon Buddle is a true industry stalwart and master of his craft.

Simon has worked in the smart home industry since long before the buzzword was even conceived. With over 25 years’ experience with some of the most respected integration companies around, Simon is also a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Simon is the education director of CEDIA EMEA and has contributed significantly to the creation of the course curriculum offered by CEDIA.

Rich Green has been an active professional in the audio/video industry since 1978.

His technology-integration company, Rich Green Design, serves ambitious homeowners and businesses of Silicon Valley.

Rich is recognized as one of the foremost A/V system designers, having worked with many prominent clients including Luciano Pavarotti, Sir George Solti, Larry Ellison, Michael Tilson Thomas, Gordon P. Getty and Steve Jobs.

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