Cambridge-based intelligent sound sensing specialist Audio Analytic has launched a ‘Global Telecom Partner Programme’ (GTPP) to offer its sensing software as an opportunity to exploit sound monitoring as a component of the smart home/business.

Audio Analytic’s software can monitor and recognise sounds that business or home users might like to be made aware of such as an alarm, breaking glass, baby crying ect.

The idea is that this data can be used to supply push alerts to customers or even set off a series of macros using sounds programmed to produce a particular response.

The programme is designed to make it simple for telecoms operators of all sizes and their hardware suppliers to integrate Audio Analytic’s patented sound sensing and classification technology into products, such as cameras, microphones, thermostats, home hubs and baby monitors.

Tens of thousands of products containing Audio Analytic’s technology have already been provided by partners in the consumer electronics and professional security markets.

Audio Analytic argues that due to their close, existing relationship with subscribers and networking strengths, telecoms companies, including cable operators and broadband providers, are well-positioned to target this market by adding new services, but clearly with a more developed understanding of the opportunities this type of approach might deliver, more established automation and AV manufactures are also on the company’s road-map.

“The connected home presents a huge opportunity for telecoms operators to build on their existing customer relationships and introduce new, innovative products that enable home automation, security and monitoring,” said Chris Mitchell, founder and CEO, Audio Analytic.

“It promises to unlock a combination of new revenues and provides the chance for operators to differentiate themselves in increasingly competitive markets. Our Global Telecoms Partner Programme provides full support, across the product lifecycle, to enable telecoms operators to target this fast-growing market opportunity.”

Audio Analytic says its The Global Telecoms Partner Programme combines access to Audio Analytic’s technology with full support, enabling sound sensing to be incorporated within products quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Integration takes from just two weeks while the sensor software has no special hardware requirements and can work with any low quality microphone.

Sounds like (no pun intended) this technology and others like it could have big implications for the CI market.

Even if it does give global telecoms an ‘in’, more sophisticated applications developed with companies like Audio Analytic and experienced automation experts could lead to some very interesting results and a boost for the whole industry.

Garage doors which know the sound of a particular car, a crying baby turning on lights leading the way from main bedroom to the infant’s room, voice recognition taken to new levels, the automation possibilities could be endless.

Audio Analytic is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and operates globally.

In November 2014 it won the Consumer Electronics Technology award at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards 2014.

Companies it already partners with include Swann, Cisco and Zenitel

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