More affordable systems, easier programming and installation, increased cross pollination with AV products and easier to understand and more attractive interfaces are just a few of the improvements automation platforms have added in recent times.

These changes come at a crucial point in the development of the smart home as awareness and acceptance of the concept begins to bite across the UK and European market.

Everywhere consumers look these days, they come into contact with an intuitive touch screen experience to help them do what they want, buy what they want, listen to what they want and go where they want.

In cars, some retail experiences and in the hand with the explosion of smart phones and tablets, almost everywhere smart or automated experiences can be had; the one place that has yet to catch up in many ways is the home.

However, consumers are starting to ask themselves, ‘I get in my car, my smart phone or iPod immediately connects to the car’s AV system, why can’t I do more of this at home?’

Fortunately help is at hand from their local friendly custom installer, but what platform is right for your customers? And what have been the most recent developments?

Check out the seven solutions in the slideshow to see what’s what in the world of home automation.







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