Roam Further With Flexson For Sonos

Known for its range of mounting solutions for Sonos, Flexson has announced the launch of the brand-new SR-MTC Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam. Designed to optimise the Sonos Roam’s portability without compromising the sound quality, the Flexson Mountable Travel Cover has been created to offer rugged protection and multiple mounting and hanging options.

The bespoke protective shell guards the speaker against any knocks and bumps that can occur both around the home and while out on adventures. The cut outs are positioned to ensure that the sound quality is not compromised by the casing, while also allowing connection to a charging dock, without the need to remove the case.

The travel cover comes complete with a range of mounting options including a carabiner clip, ideal for attaching to backpacks when out exploring, two loop-holes for accommodating Velcro straps as well as sliding spine fittings for attaching to a wall or a bike frame. The Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam is designed in the UK and is available in black.

Product summary

› Built to optimise Roam’s portability

› Protective shell guards against knocks, without interrupting sound quality

› Design of case enables connection to charging dock

› Comes with carabiner clip and mounting attachments

› Available in Black

› Designed in the UK

› 174 x 69 x 80mm (H x W x D)

› Price: £19.99

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