Flexson’s Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam and Roam SL is the ideal addition to your brand-new Sonos Roam SL. Compatible with both versions of the speaker, the SR-MTC Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam and Roam SL has been cleverly designed to optimise the Roam / Roam SL’s portability with rugged protection and multiple mounting options, all without compromising the sound quality.

The Flexson Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam comes complete with a range of mounting options to embody the flexibility the Roam / Roam SL exemplifies. The carabiner clip is ideal for attaching to backpacks for hands-free listening when out exploring, while the two loop-holes accommodate velcro straps or something similar. Furthermore, the two included sliding spine fittings make it easy to switch between at-home wall mounting and attaching to your bike frame, for a soundtrack as action-packed as your off-road adventure.

With cut outs that are positioned to ensure that sound quality isn’t compromised by the casing, the bespoke protective shell helps to guard the speaker against any knocks and bumps that can occur both around the home or while out on adventures– perfect for those with curious pets or a penchant for overexuberant mountain biking. Additionally, the case allows for connection to the wireless charging dock (and USB-C charging port) without needing to remove the case.

The Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam and Roam SL is designed in the UK and is currently available in black, colour matched to the speaker for a seamless look.

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