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Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam Review

Sonos asked EI to look at its new Roam product, a new fully portable platform that the company makes some pretty big claims about for a £150 portable speaker. ...
Sonos Roam

Sonos Launches Roam Compact Speaker

Described as Sonos’ smartest and most versatile speaker, Roam is also dubbed as sounding incredible for its size, effortless in set up and control packing new ...
Sonos Move

Sonos Move Gets Set For Summer

Just in time for summer, Sonos Move, the brand’s portable smart speaker, is now available in a new colour, an ultra-light grey called Lunar White. Billed As...
Sonos Arc

Sonos ARC: Review

Created as a premium upgrade compared to the Beam, Sonos has staked a hell of a lot on this launch. It’s asking this new product to do an awful lot and do it w...