Flexson has partnered with Sonos to offer bundles that include a Sonos speaker and its related Flexson accessory in one simple order, with the Flexson product discounted by 30%.

Consumers can now purchase their preferred Sonos model, with a choice of discounted Flexson stands, wall mounts and ceiling mounts in one click from the Flexson website – making savings on Flexson while benefitting from the convenience of a new audio setup arriving in a single delivery.

The Sonos ONE and Sonos ONE SL are available to buy in black or in white, with their attached Flexson wall mount, ceiling mount or floor stand in the corresponding colour. The speaker and accessory bundles can also be bought in multiples of two, incurring further discounts on top of the existing deal.

Home audio fans can also find the Sonos Five speaker, in black or in white, bundled in with the matching Flexson horizontal wall mount, vertical wall mount or floor stand in the corresponding colour. Alongside this is the Sonos Ray in black or in white, paired with Flexson wall mounts and TV mounts for the speaker in coordinating colours.

There are also bundles for the Sonos Beam, Arc, Amp, Sub and Move, with Flexson’s new bundle offering covering the majority of Sonos’s range.

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