Redline Revs Up For A Rip Roaring EI Live! 2023

With AV treats galore as well as an insight into the many added value services the company offers, Redline Stand 102 is a must visit at this year’s EI Live! show. 

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Making their UK debut will be a fresh family of subwoofers from bass experts Velodyne in the form of the Vi-Q family. Available in Vi-Q10, 12 and 15 variants (signifying the driver size of each unit) the subs deliver a sealed cabinet design featuring everything that makes Velodyne stand out. The three models provide a particularly high-quality driver configuration and the iWoofer app, which gives users and installers full control with room adjustment and a 25-band parametric equaliser including presets.

The lightweight carbon fibre cone, in conjunction with the three-inch voice coil, ensures optimum partial vibration behaviour with low distortion values. The subs also deliver high power with up to 650W RMS Class-D amplification with 1200W maximum power and highly efficient switching power supply with 2 x 25 A / 650 V MOSFET transistors also on-board.

The solid front is made of a 21-layer plywood board with a material thickness of a full 50 millimetres. With professional XLR connectors, RCA jacks for left and right channels and high-level connectors, the best connectivity is guaranteed. All three VI-Qs combine extremely high performance with low distortion and the best ease of use in a premium matte black enclosure. Visitors to the Stand will also be able to check out the already launched Velodyne Impact X 10, 12 & 15 subs. 

Kin Play

Another top AV interaction will be available from the Totem brand and its Kin Play range of options. Kin play MKII Soundbar offers a whole host of abilities including an arc enabled HDMI input, an update from the original version. KIN Play Soundbar MK II possesses all the versatility to deliver strong quality audio whatever the clients’ viewing, listening, or gaming habits. Totem Acoustic has a long legacy of delivering high-quality sound from compact enclosures, so this fully active example is billed as packing a huge punch with its twin ‘in house’ designed woofers partnered by tweeters at either end in a stereo configuration. To enjoy content independently from the screen, music can be wirelessly streamed in high resolution direct to the Soundbar. This is coupled with an array of equalisation settings allowing audio to be tailored. The customised KIN Natural Hybrid woofers and Metal Alloy tweeters are driven by a bespoke dynamic digital amplifier, created in tandem with the drive units this allows Totem speakers to obtain perfect phase linearity and ensure Totem’s sonic signature remains intact. No DSP is used as the amplifier and drivers are created to work in harmony. The Soundbar is capable of producing strong bass, however if the customer needs more, the KIN Sub 10 or Tribe Solution Subwoofer are waiting in the wings.

Another highlight from the same family available for inspection is the Kin Play Tower speaker offering a wide range of connectivity and functionality options. Users can enjoy connection to their wireless and wired sources to be exhilarated by the bold Kin Play Tower.

Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD delivers high resolution, simultaneous streaming from one device to two pairs of KIN Play Towers. Owners can stream the same track for full-house party mode, or completely different cuts to create distinct audio zones.

Users can also enjoy their legacy content by connecting a turntable or pair the speakers with a TV for enhanced viewing. Pure 200W RMS digital amplification employs no DSP, preserving the phase linearity responsible for KIN Play Tower’s ‘holographic’ soundstage. Custom crafted drivers deliver dynamic bass ability and sparkling highs.

Magnificent iPad Mounting

Also on stand will be the range of stylish and high-performance iPad support products from Viveroo. The Viveroo One fully encloses the iPad in a high-quality aluminium body milled from one block, but courtesy of the thin frame design, the iPad seems to float on the wall delivering a practical and aesthetic solution. The product covers all iPad sizes, and with the iPad Pro models, the thin frame means that the whole of this product’s larger screen remains visible when at rest or in use. The Viveroo One is also equipped with anti-theft screw cap mounting so in commercial settings the iPad is fully protected. With the Viveroo One installed, iPad users will enjoy a continuous power supply, flexibility between portrait and landscape mode when fitted and PoE functionality for direct network connection as well as power.

The Viveroo Free is also milled from aluminium and offers a similar floating, asymmetrical look, offering minimalism, simplicity and elegance. Also available for all iPad models, users can insert an iPad into the mount with one hand and remove it again easily.

Your Hidden Audio Expert

Redline will also be highlighting the ‘White Glove’ installation service the company offers for hidden speaker options including Amina systems. In truth the supplier has long offered installers fulsome on site installation support, however this new initiative formalises the services that are on offer to take in everything from assisted installation to a complete specification and installation service should it be required. Ask on stand for more details. 

Colour kings

Another service Redline offers is a dedicated colour match service for speaker grille cloth. Accessing the comprehensive colour match book with over 4000+ colour swatches to choose from, installers can find the perfect colour, tone and shade to compliment décor for their customer speaker grilles. Should the book not contain an exact colour match, Redline can custom print additional swatch shades based on the closest match found, allowing installers to find the right match for every project. Learn more on stand.

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