Redline Takes TV Audio To The Next Level!

Just added to the Redline Distribution family is a stylish high-performance sound-bar from US audio innovators, Next Level Acoustics. The Fusion Frame has been created to partner the popular Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV series, creating a good looking and refined combination fit for any home.

Based in New England, Next Level Acoustics was founded by experienced installers, Robert Goldman and Lee Weber, creating products with knowledge mined fresh from the coalface of the industry. Add in a huge amount of speaker knowhow from John Sollecito with 25-years of speaker engineering design and manufacturing expertise, and you have a powerful combination, comments the distributor.

True to the company’s promise of sourcing only high-quality products with something unique to offer, Redline says its latest addition taps into the trend for TV audio enhancement and the demand from consumers for TVs that do more than just produce an image.

‘The Frame’ was created by Samsung with not only the idea of delivering high-performance when on, but also bringing something to the room aesthetically when turned off.

Samsung has achieved this through the use of more than 100 pieces of digital art from 10 different categories, all displayed when the TV is not in use.

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ also maintains a minimalist look in terms of framing with its electronics being stored off-site, linked via a single cable to the TVs connections and management box.

In keeping with The Frame’s ethos of visual harmony once installed, it also has the option of interchangeable bezels and different colours. There is only one thing The Frame lacks – powerful audio! And that is where the Fusion Frame comes in.

A fusion of style and sound

The audio engineers at Next Level Acoustics began the creation of the Fusion Frame with one goal in mind – to deliver a high-end audio solution for the 2019/2020 edition Samsung ‘The Frame’ series.

The challenge was not only to deliver what was required in terms of audio (in stereo and LCR versions), but of course perfectly match the aesthetic qualities of the TV. The Fusion Frame is a passive soundbar so it requires amplification which matches the TV’s approach of off-site electronics to drive performance, so installation of the required amplification should not be a problem.

The soundbar has been produced to deliver extraordinary acoustical dynamics and clarity from its sealed enclosure via its proprietary 4.5in driver and crossover configuration. Boasting high-quality tweeters throughout the range, created by Danish audio expert, Vifa.

The sound-bars also offer a high-gloss front speaker face and back panel and a matching flush wall pass-through mounting system. Other clever innovations include flipped speaker terminal cups which make for easy cable management and wiring access.

Available in the stereo and LCR configuration, there is a solution for the whole The Frame series. For stereo configuration sizes are; 43in (£829.17), 49in (£995.83), 50in (£995.83), 55in (£1162.50), 65in (£1662.50) and 75in (£1995.83). In LCR configuration choices are; 55in (£1245.83), 65in (£1829.17) and 75in (£2162.50).

All prices are RRP Price (exc VAT). Chosen to match the different options available with the Samsung TV’s own frame options, the Fusion Frame is available in black, white, walnut/brown and beige frame finishes.

Creating a Fusion frisson

The Fusion Frame provides its two-channel or LCR audio performance in a surprisingly compact enclosure at only 44.4mm or 1.75in deep, making a neat and fully integrated installation possible. The product’s size is achieved by using a radical approach to internal air load management and driver construction.

Next Level Acoustics’ own 4.5in aluminium convex cone driver uses a unique and powerful rare earth neodymium motor system that delivers high acceleration and excursion, but with ultra-low distortion. This approach provides enhanced audio dynamics featuring a smooth linear midrange response with natural sounding bass.

Martin Morecroft, Managing Director of Redline Distribution, explains, “Here at Redline we are always looking for products that combine two main elements – high-performance and a unique selling point in the market. The Fusion Frame by Next Level Acoustics fits the bill perfectly, finding a quality audio solution for the successful and install friendly The Frame by Samsung. Since its launch, The Frame has found fans with end-users and installers alike due to its integrated approach offering more than just a TV, but something that adds, rather than takes away from the look of a room.

“The only thing that was missing was strong audio to back up the image performance. Now our customers can offer their clients the perfect combination of good looks, strong picture performance and fully realised room-filling audio from a manufacturer with genuine audio credentials. The stereo and LCR options mean the product can be matched into a wide choice of use case scenarios working as a standalone audio solution or part of a wider surround sound set up. Speak to us and add this clever and compact product to your audio arsenal.”

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