Rayner Sheridan officially launched his consultancy business with the go-live of his new website taking place on September 8.

Rayner, who previously worked for Meridian Audio, first as the maker’s Marketing and then Brand Director, left the company last year and has spent the time since developing his consulting business.

Rayner says, “I am acutely aware of the numerous economic challenges that we’re currently facing, but I do think there are some fantastic opportunities for the industry, and I am excited about helping companies make the most of these.

“The recent summer break provided me with the perfect opportunity to develop my website and showcase the services that I’ve been offering for the last few months. I offer a wide range of consultancy services including free online consultations. These can be booked quickly and easily online so if you’re grappling with an issue then get in touch.”

Overview of services

Services offered include a free no obligation consultation of up to one hour. These sessions, conducted online or on the telephone, provide an opportunity to discuss any marketing challenge. In some cases, gaining an impartial perspective at this stage may be enough to resolve the challenge. This initial consultation can be booked quickly and easily using the online diary on the website.

One Day Workshops are also offered delivering a collaborative session where Rayner works with a company to review marketing objectives and beginning to create an appropriate plan.

Building on a pre-workshop questionnaire this session will be a deep dive to enable a better understanding of the objectives, business and customers needs. At present there are five dedicated workshops available. Further information about these workshops is available on request.

The Expert Consultancy service is designed for longer-term projects when the challenge is more complex, and a greater level of analysis is required. These engagements go deeper into any challenges with an impartial focus that only an outsider can bring. As well as ‘one-off’ consultancy projects, many businesses employ consultants on a retained basis as it gives them guaranteed access to specialist expertise that they would not ordinarily have. Again, more details are available on request.

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