British audio specialist, QED, has unveiled its first-ever XT5 mains power cable, which is designed to deliver clean, distortion-free current flow and allows sensitive audio electronics to operate at their optimum level and deliver the best possible audio performance.

QED has invested considerable time and technology – along with over 45 years of cable technology expertise – to ensure the XT5 power cable achieves the class-leading performance and value for money that its range of analogue and digital cables is renowned for.

QED’s acclaimed X-Tube technology – first seen in the company’s loudspeaker cable ranges – has been specifically tuned for the XT5. To reduce the ‘proximity effect’ created when current density builds up in conductors nearest to each other, QED has applied its X-Tube technology by more effectively regulating current flow to audio equipment like stereo amplifiers.

As a result, the audio equipment is able perform as its designers intended.

To further shield the cable from radio frequency noise and mains-borne interference that can adversely affect the performance of audio electronics, QED has used a ferrite-impregnated inner jacket on the XT5. This effectively wraps the X-Tube cores in an impenetrable blanket of radio silence – absorbing high-frequency noise signals in this way has already proved successful in QED’s award-winning Audio 40 range of analogue and digital interconnects.

In the XT5, QED has created a power cable that allows the smooth, controlled flow of mains current with minimal interference and for very high-end electronic components to perform to their absolute maximum potential.

The QED XT5 power cable is available now from


QED XT5 Power Cable 1M – £149 / €179

QED XT5 Power Cable 2M – £169 / €199

QED XT5 Power Cable 3M – £199 / €239

Conductor type: X-Tube
Metallurgy: 99.999% oxygen-free copper
Cross-sectional area: 1.5mm sq
Ferrite jacket: 10% Zn/Mn
Capacitance: 100 pF/m
Inductance: 0.7 uH/m
Loop resistance: 0.026 ohm/m
Dielectric strength: 2 kV (ac for 15 mins)
Complies with: EN50525; EN60320; EN60884
Outer jacket: Black Pearl
Nominal outside diameter: 11mm
Plugs: UK: MK Tough Plug 655 BLK; EU: Schuko 516
Connector: Martin Kaiser IEC C13 794    

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