In what OneAV is calling a first-of-its-kind agreement for the smart home custom install sector, OneAV customers can now offer clients a GivEnergy battery that stores energy for the home. 

The concept of battery storage is well-known for solar PV installations, but it’s often overlooked that batteries (similar to the Tesla Powerwall) can also be installed without a solar PV installation. 

In this scenario, homeowners can charge at night during lower cost off-peak tariff periods, then switch to battery power during the higher tariff periods. This instantly reduces monthly bills, and, says OneAV, ultimately repays itself over time. It’s an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for the entire home, not just the rack.

Key benefits from the OneAV and GivEnergy partnership include battery storage with or without a solar, the instant reduction of monthly energy bills, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup for the entire home (not just the rack), it can be installed by any electrical qualified installer (subject to training), with control system integration for Crestron Home available now from Ultamation – with other drivers to follow.

OneAV recognises the opportunity for integrators in offering cutting-edge renewable energy technologies to homeowners. The GivEnergy collaboration with OneAV gives integrators access to the products and training needed to offer their clients affordable sustainable energy solutions.

Should an installer not wish to undertake training, an additional element to the partnership is the option of utilising OY Electrical Services for commissioning.

“GivEnergy is committed to levelling sustainable energy,” says Jason Howlett, CEO of GivEnergy. “Our product range, encompassing inverters, battery systems, EV chargers, and energy management software, perfectly complements OneAV’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions. Together, we empower integrators to offer streamlined, eco-conscious solutions to their clients.”

“Renewable Technologies are a personal passion of mine. Collaborating with GivEnergy and OY Electrical empowers our customers with the expertise needed to seamlessly integrate renewables into AV projects,” adds James Trumper, Director of OneAV.

“This partnership equips integrators with the knowledge and tools to have informed discussions with clients about sustainable options.”

Cory Mac, Founder of OY Electrical, furthers: “The synergy between the smart home and renewable sectors is promising, yet the integration of these technologies remains largely unexplored. Our collaboration bridges this gap, enabling installers and renewables companies to effortlessly integrate energy solutions into smart homes.”

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