Milo with Z-Wave, Google Assistant and Zigbee launched CES

Milo, claimed to be the first combination smart speaker and home hub with Z-Wave plus and the google assistant, has launched at CES.

The Milo Smart Home Speaker (Milo) by Hogar Controls is said to be the first ever combination smart speaker and home hub to include support for Z-Wave Plus and adds multi-platform access for Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub feature also works with the Google Assistant.

The product also has one touch scene control and a smart home mobile app, leveraging Z-Wave for control of lights, shades, locks, thermostats, garage door openers and the like. Google Assistant, compatible means of course it can stream music, news and local reports such as weather. Milo can be both a hands-free speaker or one-touch controller of favourite scenes.

The company’s pitch is that for this type of entry level performance, consumers used to need a smart home hub, a smart speaker and external controller devices. Milo solves this by being an all-in-one device with Z-Wave Plus, Google Assistant and on-board one-touch scene control built into the glass top.

As part of the same family, the same maker offers the Pebble, a portable touch button for automation control. Personalised for each user, Pebble includes up to ten customised scenes activated through touch or swipe for lighting, shading, thermostats and locks. Paired with the Milo Smart Home Speaker, Pebble can be used as an add-on device to create additional control zones in the home. For example, consumers can place a Milo in their living room area and a Pebble in their bedroom or other frequently used areas of the home for added scene control.

Pebble will be available in in Q1 2018 for US MSRP $49 with a one-year warranty, Ce Pro Europe is told the product will be coming to UK and Europe too and higher spec pro versions will be on display at ISE 2018.

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