Connected Distribution has been appointed as exclusive UK distributor for Krika, the connected devices remote tracker that provides installers with the ability to monitor and troubleshoot without costly site visits.

Krika products remotely monitor all the equipment on customers’ networks and provide installers with real-time status updates on all the connected devices that are part of the installation.

Email and text notifications are sent when devices that are critical to the smooth running of the system require attention or disappear from the network. This gives the installer the opportunity to remotely reboot or Wake-On-Lan the faulty product, obviating the need for site visits and minimising the downtime of the customer’s system.

France-based Krika manufactures two products, the Krika mini and its larger sibling, the Krika One. Both are robust devices based around a Linux OS, which implement various protocols for device detection such as TCP, HTTP, UPNP, SNMP, etc. Every five minutes the Krika unit sends a report to Krika’s own cloud-based servers which process and analyse the reports. This generates a dashboard, containing a detailed list of all devices connected to the local network, that the installer can consult from any browser without having to log onto the customer’s own network. One way communication from the Krika to the cloud ensures robust security of the customer’s network.

In addition to the functions of the Krika mini, the bigger Krika One is an ‘all in one’ PC + Krika solution embedded in a Intel nuc platform. Krika One allows professionals to work remotely on the local network exactly as if they were onsite. The One offers remote access (via TeamViewer) to a robust Windows server environment, ready to host professional software suites such as AMX, Crestron, RTI, Control4, Sonos and Lutron.

“Installing Krika is an insurance policy for the installer that works silently 24/7 to monitor the system status and send out notifications when issues arise,” said Mike Bonnette, product director. “Like all insurance policies you hope never to need it, but when you do it is an invaluable tool that can save time, money and prevent customer complaints as the fault can be fixed before they’ve even noticed it.

“We believe this should be an essential addition to any installation as it represents extremely good value for money. Its cost can either be absorbed into the price of the install on the basis that it will save money in the long term, or it could provide additional revenue opportunities for the installer through the sale of ongoing maintenance contracts. Whichever way it is implemented, Krika represents a ‘must have’ product that we are very pleased to be representing in the UK.”

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