JVC Announces four new high-end D-ILA home projectors

The JVC DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 all feature new third-generation 4K D-ILA devices with increased brightness that enable users to experience enhanced 8K images.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation has announced four new high-end D-ILA home projectors (DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200), all capable of inputting and displaying 8K60p resolution images with higher native contrast and brightness.

Each model features JVC’s new exclusive 4K D-ILA devices that have been further refined to the 3rd generation to achieve a 1.5 times higher native contrast ratio when compared to a conventional device, says the maker. Also new JVC’s proprietary BLU-Escent Laser light engine increases brightness and luminosity. The maker says users can experience higher definition images through the vastly improved performance of these projectors, achieved through 8K input and display, and the expansion of dynamic range by improving contrast and brightness. The DLA-NZ900 will be on demonstration at this year’s HIGH-END MUNICH show.

Over the past few years, how video content is watched has evolved, and this change has led to making 4K/HDR content the norm. Video content has progressed from content led by movie companies and TV stations to those offered by subscription and streaming services. At the same time, the format has shifted from conventional disc media such as Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray to streaming and subscriptions. Furthermore, JVC says 8K video content is expected to increase with the launches of 8K streaming services like YouTube and the release of 8K-compatible game titles with the development of enhanced graphic cards in the gaming industry.

In addition to a variety of ways to enjoy video content, viewing style has also changed from conventional TVs to smartphones, tablets, etc. At the same time, more and more users want to cut out the middleman and bring the theatre experience into their own homes.

JVC says it has consistently released D-ILA projectors focusing on targeting full-scale theatre rooms for customers who truly enjoy the home theatre experience. Although the content being viewed is changing, the customer’s desire to enjoy the highest quality image on a large screen remains unchanged.

There are two in the Procision Series DLA-NZ900/DLA-NZ800 and two in the Reference Series DLA-RS4200 and DLA-RS3200. All models are capable of inputting and displaying 8K images with enhanced performance. The dynamic range has been extended thanks to the newly developed 3rd generation 4K D-ILA device with higher native contrast, and the higher output power BLU-Escent laser light source. As a result, these elite models let users enjoy the highest quality 8K images, says the maker.

Ultra dynamic projection achieved with the combination of the new generation 4K D-ILA device and BLU-Escent Laser light engine.

Sharper images and ultra-high contrast ratio are achieved with the third generation 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA deviceJVC’s proprietary 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA device has been refined to its third generation to offer 1.5 times the native contrast ratio compared to the previous model*. As a result, DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 can achieve a native contrast ratio of 150,000:1 (100,000:1 for the DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200). * When compared to the DLA-NZ9.

BLU-Escent Laser engine for higher peak brightnessJVC’s original BLU-Escent Laser, which uses a blue laser diode as a light source, has been optimised to achieve exceptional brightness of 3,300 lumens on the DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and 2,700 lumens on the DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200, both with the longevity of 20,000 hours. When compared to our first-generation laser projector*, the projector’s brightness per effective wattage has improved 1.9 times, which saves power. *When compared to the DLA-Z1.

Dynamic light source control and ultra-high native contrast provide images that are closer to human perception.Unlike conventional aperture control, the laser diode contributes to the instantaneous control of light output to enable dynamic brightness control with little or no latency. It achieves a dynamic contrast level of ∞:1 (infinity to 1) in scenes with pitch blackness by completely shutting off the light source.

Projectors capable of inputting 8K60p and 4K120p signals. The new models are capable of inputting full 48Gbps 8K60p signals. As a result, stable and high-quality 8K image projection can be always enjoyed. Also, 4K120p input and low-latency mode make these projectors effective when displaying high frame-rate gaming and similar content.

Second-generation 8K/e-shiftX technology improves the ability to reproduce 8K (8192 x 4320 pixels) display resolution.Dramatically improves image quality across a wide range of content using 2nd generation 8K/eshiftX technology.

All-glass lens for all models.The DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 uses a large 100 mm lens to accurately reproduce native 8K images.The DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 has an 18-element, 16-group 100-mm all-glass lens featuring a full aluminium lens barrel, to project high-resolution 8K images to every corner of the screen while securing wide shift ranges of 100% vertically and 43% horizontally. The DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 is equipped with a 17-element, 15-group 65-mm all-glass lens to achieve high-resolution images in focus throughout the screen’s periphery.

JVC can reproduce the rich video information of HDR content with extended brightness range, BT.2020 wide colour gamut, and 10-bit gradation.

JVC’s proprietary Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2 technology.The Frame Adapt HDR 2nd Generation technology uses a proprietary algorithm to instantaneously analyse the maximum brightness of HDR10 content per frame and adjusts the dynamic range in real time to the optimum range for video projection. Each projector is now equipped with a Deep Black function as a part of the Frame Adapt HDR, using an algorithm that extends dark tones to deliver a more realistic expression of darkness.

FILMMAKER MODE for faithfully recreating the creator’s original intentions.Using this mode turns off picture quality adjustment functions such as frame interpolation and noise reduction and sets the colour temperature to D65 (6500K), so users can enjoy movies and documentaries with picture quality that is authentic to the filmmaker’s vision.

Cinema filters richly reproduce colourful images with a wide colour gamut equivalent of DCI-P3.

The use of cinema filters enables a wide colour gamut equivalent to DCI-P3, as well as BT.709. HDR content, as typified by UHD Blu-ray, uses a much wider colour gamut than before.

JVC’s original Clear Motion Drive helps to reproduce smoother moving images.Clear Motion Drive, a JVC original technology that reduces afterimages, has improved its algorithm for compensation accuracy in the periphery of intersecting objects. Together with Motion Enhance technology that optimises the drive of the D-ILA device in response to video motion, the new projectors offer much smoother reproduction of 4K and 8K images.

DLA-NZ900/DLA-RS4200 and DLA-NZ800/DLA-RS3200 projectors will begin shipping in June 2024.

More information available direct from JVC.

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