Increased popularity and lower price points of 7in displays has resulted in increased market demand for premium sound bar solutions from the CI channel, so James has expanded this series to match 75in TVs.

James Loudspeaker has introduced the SPL3LCR-75 sound bar engineered to provide an off-the-shelf, cost-effective premium solution for integrators.

The maker will now keep this fixed-width model in stock to accommodate increased demand. Integrators will still have access to the limitless custom sound bar solutions (#custom) from James Loudspeaker as well.

The James Loudspeaker SPL3LCR-75 is a complete entertainment solution, designed to provide left, center and right-channel audio into any space. This new model is available in satin black with a width of 65 7/8-inches, which matches the smallest measurement of any recently introduced 75-inch display from the Samsung or Sony lineups.

The SPL3LCR-75 is a scant 1.5-inches deep, delivers bass down to 80Hz and comes with a sturdy Z-bracket for seamless wall mounting.

“Integrators have been asking for a cost effective solution that fits these displays because there are so many 75in TVs from Sony and Samsung in the sub-$3000 price range,” explains national sales director Keith Parke. “The $1,700 price point for a premium sound bar from James Loudspeaker to match these new displays makes perfect sense for the custom integration channel.”

The SPL3LCR-75 sound bar is available now and joins the family of solutions from James Loudspeaker including SPL3 sound bars for 65in sets and 55in sets.

The brand is available in the UK from Pulse Cinemas 

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