Anthem AV has revealed that a software update enabling DTS:X decoding on the Trinnov Audio Altitude32 is now rolling out – making the device the world’s first high-end pre-amp/processor to support all immersive audio formats.

With support for Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and now DTS:X, the Trinnov Audio Altitude32 beats other pre-amps and processors to market and even supports up to 32 discrete channels. This capability stands in stark contrast to the hard limit of 12 discrete decoded channels imposed by DSP-chip based implementations.

The DTS:X decoding comes courtesy of a software update which is available to all Altitude32 owners now. Users can also rest easy in the fact that no new hardware is required, thanks to Trinnov’s proprietary, software-based audio engine.

Those who have not acquired a Trinnov Audio Altitude32 might find that this is the right time to jump in. Anthem AV is keen to stress that it is currently the only high-end device on the market to support Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and DTS:X. The distributor is also eager to point out its flexibility and spatial resolution, with a unique 3D microphone having the ability to accurately measure each speaker’s location in three-dimensional space.

Current owners of 3D audio-enabled Altitude32 preamp/processors should contact their dealers to arrange for the update, which will be standard with all future 3D-enabled Altitude32 pre/pros.

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