Choice has never been so wide for the home cinema focused installer, from dedicated spaces, to flex cinemas which melt into the background of the client’s living space, installers can offer almost any customer an option to suit them.

One of the sectors that has always had the genuine wow factor, home cinema might not be on the priority list of every client, but the impact a well set up and calibrated system can have is undeniable, even to those who thought it was not for them.

Recent advancements in technology with better screens and more powerful, robust and agile projectors have enabled installers to create a palate of options to suit most tastes and just as importantly most pockets.

What’s more, technologies are coming through to give a clear up-grade path for existing projects or ones yet to be secured.

If 3D did not set the world alight, then 4K looks to be faring better with up-scaling offering improved performance now and the promise of native content starting to come through.

Lens shift and short throw capabilities have also added to the mix as have screen technologies which can operate in higher ambient light conditions, allowing the concept to spread beyond the dedicated space.

Whilst some cultural trends come and go, movies and live sport will always be attractive to customers, especially if they can experience them in a way they have never witnessed before. 

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