The launch of the Akurate Exaktbox continues Linn’s tradition of offering tailored and flexible upgrade paths that enable existing owners to upgrade their system. It is software-configured to optimise performance for any loudspeaker and amplifier combination.

Further to this, for the first time Linn’s Exakt performance will be available for other manufacturers’ loudspeakers with the launch of support for Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus.

In a system using Akurate Exaktbox, the loudspeakers are run actively, with separate amplifiers for each drive unit. The original analogue crossover in the loudspeaker is bypassed and instead, the Akurate Exaktbox performs the crossover digitally, while applying Linn’s Exakt technology to eliminate distortion, correct for drive unit variation whilst optimising the loudspeaker’s performance for the room.

Exakt works to eliminate magnitude and phase distortion that is inherent in traditional passive crossovers and measures and corrects for even the tiniest variation between drive units. Further bolstering its versatility, Exakt enables the Linn specialist to optimise performance for any customer’s specific room requirements.

The Akurate Exaktbox receives the signal via Exakt Link from the Akurate Exakt DSM. It features 10 channels of digital-to-analogue conversion, which provides all the connections needed to drive any pair of speakers from two-way up to five-way, thereby covering every loudspeaker that Linn has ever made.

Both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA analogue output connections are included so that they can be connected to any type of power amplifier.

Up to 13 sources can be connected to the system via the Akurate Exakt DSM with inputs including HDMI, Toslink, S/PDIF, XLR and RCA phono available, and as with all Linn DSM players, any source will benefit from improved performance.

Preserving the signal from an LP12 has also been covered with the launch of Exakt, with new ADC technology converting the analogue signal to digital before sending it losslessly to the loudspeaker. Upgrading to Exakt simply requires a Klimax or Akurate DSM partnered with a Klimax or Akurate Exaktbox.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer has also developed a new protocol named Exakt Link, designed to deliver a digital signal losslessly to a loudspeaker. Exakt Link boasts accuracy of data transmission with the ability to losslessly transmit eight channels of 24-bit/192kHz studio master.

In conjunction with the launch, Linn will be providing Exakt support for all its current loudspeakers as well as a number of legacy loudspeakers. Any Linn customer who has a Klimax, Akurate or Majik level loudspeaker at home, (or their equivalent from the last 15-20 years) has the ability to upgrade to Exakt. Further to this, Linn is now delivering Exakt support for Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus loudspeakers.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s Klimax Exaktbox (formerly the Klimax Exakt Tunebox) contains six channels of Linn’s digital-to-analogue conversion and features transformer-isolated balanced outputs. In mono mode, one Klimax Exaktbox is required for each loudspeaker, for example to upgrade Linn Klimax 350s or Komris. However in stereo mode, a single Klimax Exaktbox can upgrade a pair of three-way loudspeakers, such as Linn Keltiks.

Linn specialists are running a series of Exakt launch events over the coming months. Customers can view events and book their attendance using Linn’s event booking system found on the manufacturer’s website.

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