Compact and mighty: Velodyne MicroVee MKII

Small, but perfectly formed

Now available in the UK from Redline Distribution, Velodyne says MicroVee MKII has evolved to offer a next generation level of convenience, performance and pleasure to those looking for a compact, high-performance and versatile sub.

Velodyne Acoustics has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading creators of high-performance subwoofers, providing true integration or stand-alone performance. Velodyne now has new owners in German music reproduction specialist, Audio Reference, and is making a concerted push to gain new fans unaware of its powerful performance and please those who have been long term users of the brand.

The first new product to launch in this initiative is the exciting prospect of an updated MicroVee MKII, available in the UK from Redline Distribution. First introduced into the market back in 2006, MicroVee was one of the brand’s most successful products on record. Many thousands of units were sold in the UK alone and so as all sensible makers of a successful product do, this is not a re-invention, but an evolution keeping the strong performance the product was known for and adding some welcome enhancements. For example, the amp power has been significantly increased and the DSP profile has been revised to take full advantage of this.

Overall, listeners will notice a much tighter and cleaner bass delivery, but with lots of with control and speed. MicroVee MKII, like the earlier versions, is not meant to shake the earth – that is not its goal. This compact unit is for MDU’s and smaller residences where huge amounts of bass extension are not needed and where loud noise can also cause problems with neighbours.

Made for smaller living spaces, modern homeowners also do not want a huge box that they don’t have room for, or that will compromise their interior design. MicroVee MKII is a genuine ‘plop and play’ product. Versatile in its placement options, it is designed to deliver a balanced and cohesive performance (passive radiator assisted) that belies its size yet be versatile enough to offer high-performance across media, music and gaming so users get the best of all of their favourite content.

The product has few bells and whistles but has no need for them. As a result, MicroVee MKII is very easy to set up and can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Martin Morecroft, Managing Director of Redline Distribution says, “We are really excited about bringing the new version of this classic Velodyne creation to market. We know everyone is going to be impressed with the performance and flexibility delivered. It has evolved this category to deliver a product that exactly fits where the demand is. Its combination of performance and size is really hard to beat.”

MicroVee MKII: Agile and powerful

The Velodyne MicroVee MKII retains its compact form factor so it is still the company’s smallest self-powered sub. From just a 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4 cm cabinet, the unit creates more than enough output for most applications, whilst being easy to place in any room.

MicroVee MKII can fill surprisingly large rooms with all the bass needed. Input wise, there are LFE, speaker level or mini-jack capabilities, which means it can deliver across the main three use case scenarios the product has been designed for supporting media playback, precision audio for music only listening, or exciting dynamics for immersive gaming applications.

Retained from the earlier version, MicroVee MKII continues with its attractive and contemporary ribbed extruded aluminium cabinet. Importantly, this is made available in satin black and satin white to give homeowners, developers or specifiers a choice to fit in with any interior scheme.

The really big changes to this new version come in the amplification arrangements. MicroVee MKII enjoys a significant upgrade, increasing its power to a meaty but controlled 1200 W RMS (2000W Peak) with new and precise DSP profiling. As well as more ‘slam’ than its predecessors, MicroVee MKII offers more control and less distortion than the MK I.

Other features of note are the single active 6.5in driver (5in piston diameter) and two 6.5in passive radiators (5in piston diameter). The machine also gets all the benefits of Velodyne’s Patented Energy Recovery System amplifier (2000W Dynamic Power) as well as enjoying strong heat dissipation and structural rigidity thanks to the ribbed extruded aluminium cabinet.

There is also speaker level pass through with 120Hz crossover. Ultimately, says its creator, the MicroVee MKII is the perfect example of taking what was best about a previous version and enhancing where needed to offer a genuine evolution to the next level of performance and application flexibility. The size/price/performance package of this sub has been put together to deliver a world-class speaker for the super small subwoofer category.

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